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Chapter 125: The Person The Crown Prince Likes Is Me!

At the same time, a fist smashed onto Fairy Mu Yao's forehead.

Feng Liu was greatly angered.

Someone went so far as to hit her!

She didn't need to think to feel that this person must've been Feng Wu!

"Aah aah aah! Feng Wu, I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you! I'm going to kill you!" Feng Liu was going crazy. That boundless strength erupted forth as she exerted herself to strike at Fairy Mu Yao.

Pow pow pow! As strong as an ox.

Fairy Mu Yao didn't look into it for a time. Her temples were pounded head-on. It hurt so much that tears violently gushed forth immediately.

Fairy Mu Yao was so infuriated that she was just about to go crazy!

Damn! Fairy Mu Yao nearly sprayed out a mouthful of blood!

This mental case Feng Liu didn't merely grab her, press upon her, clutch at her……she now even punched her? !

"You dare to hit me? You surprisingly dare to hit me? !"

Fairy Mu Yao, whose heart and mind had been filled with fury, also didn't care about anything else anymore as she immediately brandished her fist and fought with Feng Liu.

The two of them fought each other into a frenzy!

Feng Wu actually didn't go that far away. She climbed onto shore and nearly laughed until she couldn't breathe.

How fun, this really was too fun!

In all honesty, at the start, she only planned to have Feng Liu pull Fairy Mu Yao back and not allow her to go ashore so easily, that's all. Who knew that Feng Liu was so talented, she surprisingly exceeded expectations?

Just as Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu were fighting in the water and Feng Wu was watching from the sidelines thinking 'isn't this fun', the sound of quick footsteps arrived.

Just now, Feng Wu had farted underwater. Maybe because the stream insulated it, it surprisingly didn't circulate up. Therefore, Feng Wu also didn't think of running away anymore and was thinking it'd be fine if she just stayed underwater. She'd wait until the Immortal Spirit Fruit's gas expelled completely.

Thus, Feng Wu held a hollow straw of hemp weed in her mouth as she immersed her entire head into the water, breathing through that hollow stick of hemp.

There were usually quite a few people who came and go by the moat. At present, with the Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu duo making a commotion, before long, this place was completely packed and surrounded by passers by.

It was also the first time in their lives that ordinary citizens saw two young women duking it out in the river.

They repeatedly cried out in surprise as they watched, gasping in amazement. "Why are these two young ladies so vengeful, so hate filled, to act so truly ferociously!"

"Look everyone, the lady in the yellow dress originally could've flown up, but the lady in the purple dress stubbornly dragged her down."

"They're pulling each other hair! My goodness, Holy Mother, I even thought that every move that noble born pretty young ladies made would be elegant and graceful. I didn't expect that when they fight, they're just like children and fishmonger wives screaming abuses in the street."

"Aren't they even more ferocious than fishmonger wives shouting screaming abuses in the street? This really broadened my horizons!"

The common citizens of Northern Territory City ordinarily boasted of themselves to be as tough as nails. At this moment, they also couldn't help but repeatedly exclaim in surprise.

And at this moment, Fairy Mu Yao and Feng Liu were already dealing with their new and old hatreds simultaneously.

Could Feng Liu not know of how Fairy Mu Yao pined for Jun Lin Yuan?

Could Fairy Mu Yao not distinguish how Feng Liu wished that she could throw herself at Jun Lin Yuan?

It's just that previously, there was Feng Wu to attract their tempers, therefore, they jointly targeted Feng Wu. But now that Feng Wu's not here, they started to settle the accounts between them!

"Feng Liu! Don't tell me that you don't like Jun Lin Yuan!" Fairy Mu Yao pulled at Feng Liu's hair wanting to pull it out.

Feng Liu's fist immediately smashed into Fairy Mu Yao's eye socket. "The person who Crown Prince Jun likes is me! Don't you imagine that your love is reciprocated!"

Fairy Mu Yao nearly sprayed out a mouthful of saliva!

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