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Chapter 124: Let Go……Let Go……


Just as she was falling, Feng Liu let out a miserable scream!

Feng Liu was a dry-landed duck, she basically didn't know how to swim. As a result, after she fell into the moat, her entire body was in a state of panic and she floundered continually.

Fairy Mu Yao's ability to swim was a little bit better. She could still preserve herself with difficulty, however——

She was unfortunately next to Feng Liu, so it became a tragedy.

Feng Liu's hand wasn't able to grab Feng Wu but was able to grab onto Fairy Mu Yao, instead!

How could a drowning person who's grabbing at the last straw be willing to let go? Consequently, she firmly clutched at Fairy Mu Yao, unwilling to let go no matter what!

Fairy Mu Yao did everything she could to pry open Feng Liu's hands. "Let go of me! Let go!"

However, Feng Liu was afraid that she'd drown if she let go. Therefore, not only did she not let go, on the contrary, her entire body was just like an octopus as it rigidly clung onto Fairy Mu Yao's body, sticking closely to it. Not only that——

Her pair of hands even tenaciously clutched near Fairy Mu Yao's throat! She practically applied killing strength!

Fairy Mu Yao was angry enough to almost spit blood out!

She wanted to pry open Feng Liu's hands with all her strength!

However, how frightening was the desire to survive that erupted from someone who's on the verge of death! How could she separate herself? She nearly couldn't breathe!

"Cough cough……cough cough……let go of me……release your grip……after I jump up there…..I'll then save you……"

Fairy Mu Yao's tongue was currently gagging as her eyes rolled. If this continued, Feng Liu's going to choke her to death!

Actually, Feng Liu could only feel that her nose, ears, and eyes……were flooded with water everywhere. She already lost her head out of fear. How could she be willing to let go? She wouldn't let go even unto death!

Fairy Mu Yao couldn't be anymore enraged.

Why did she work together with this stupid Feng Liu? !

Originally, it wasn't that difficult for her to fly ashore carrying a drowning person, but what was frightening was that Feng Liu's strength wasn't much different than hers. She directed her strength upwards, but Feng Liu pulled her downwards……therefore, the two forces continually cancelled each other out!

Not only was Fairy Mu Yao clutched at until she nearly suffocated, she was also already choked until her belly was filled with water!

"Pow! Let go of me! Let go!" Fairy Mu Yao was so angry she swung her fist and smashed it against Feng Liu's head.

Did Feng Liu only lose her head out of fear? That wasn't the case at all.

At that instant, Feng Wu was feeling vengeful, therefore, when she was falling into the moat, a silver acupuncture needle in Feng Wu's hand stabbed into Feng Liu, stimulating her sense of fear. Additionally, she knew Feng Liu was afraid of the water, so she made such a move……therefore achieving such an outcome.

After falling into the moat, Feng Liu reached for Feng Wu like grabbing at her last life saving straw.

However, how could Feng Wu let her grab her?

Her swimming skills were extremely good. As soon as she fell into the moat, she already fiercely delved towards the deep end!

Taking advantage of the fact that nobody knew of this deep water area, Feng Wu was just like a fish in the ocean as both her feet tread while she soared away……not much time passed before she already swam out a ten meter distance away from them.

Thereupon, she acted like she's watching a good show as she watched Feng Liu torment Fairy Mu Yao.

In order to survive, Fairy Mu Yao didn't act gently as her fist smashed into Feng Liu. She itched to crush her to death!

However, the fact was that this method of Fairy Mu Yao's was the best method at the moment, because only by hitting the crazed Feng Liu until she's dizzy could she live and climb ashore. Otherwise……today, this life of hers, she could only leave it here.

Fairy Mu Yao now thought of Feng Wu——

It's all because of her!

That cunning, treacherous, repulsive girl. She clearly already had success in her grasp, but the result was that she nearly lost her life!

Right at this time——

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