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Chapter 126: A Younger Sister Like Yours Is Not So Bad.

"Crown Prince Jun likes you? You're nuts! Who do you think you are?" Fairy Mu Yao was practically seething!

Fairy Mu Yao's disdainful tone of voice infuriated Feng Liu again.

Crown Prince Jun indeed liked her, otherwise, why didn't he go anywhere else and instead came to the Feng residence?

"I'm going to kill you!" Feng Liu was so angry she struck her fist out wildly.

For awhile, splashes exploded, foam rolled about, lively to the extreme.

The sound of numerous disorderly footsteps arrived and a group of people quickly appeared by the moat shore.

The people who arrived wasn't anyone else, but the Feng Xun trio, in addition to Yu Ming Ye.

Because Feng Liu and Fairy Mu Yao's fight was too intense, practically nobody noticed Feng Wu hiding underwater at a not so distant place.

"Damn! What the hell's going on? Fighting three hundred rounds in the water? !" Feng Xun saw the two girls in the moat mutually pulling out each other's hair, fighting to the point that they lost any sense of reason, and his eyeballs nearly fell out.

The color of excitement appeared on his face. "I truly didn't expect that when young ladies fight, they can actually become this crazy. Feng Yi Ran, this younger sister of yours isn't bad."

Feng Yi Ran nearly exposed all of the whites of his eyes.

This matter was indeed unrelated to Feng Xun and he could remain aloof from it, but as Feng Liu's blood related elder brother, how could he stay out of it?

The point of this foot was only seen to gently point and in the next second, his figure was like a big peng (giant legendary bird) spreading its wings as it flapped towards the river bank. As he waved his hand, the two young girls were picked up by him and thrown on the shore of the moat.

He originally thought these two young ladies would calm down, but what happened was that they surprisingly rolled around on the ground as they continued to fight!

Their mouths were even yelling nonstop.

"The person who Crown Prince Jun likes is me!"

"Crown Prince Jun is mine!"

"Keep dreaming!"

"You're the one who's dreaming!"

"I'm gonna kill you!"

"I'm the one who's going to kill you!"

Everyone else. "……" Wasn't this a bit too explosive?

The corners of Feng Xun's mouth opened slightly as he used a kind of very weird and very complicated gaze to look towards the self-composed, without ripple, elevated and immeasurable Jun Lin Yuan.

"Boss Jun, they're fighting because of you. Are you not going to come out and say anything?"

According to Feng Xun, his Boss Jun was akin to a natural disaster. How many young ladies gave up their very lives once they saw him?

Jun Lin Yuan's gaze was as cold and austere as cold frost as those thin lips formed four words. "You want to die?"

"Cough cough cough——" How could Feng Xun still dare to make fun of Boss Jun?

Seeing how Feng Liu was covered in mud due to rolling around on the ground and fighting, the corners of Feng Yi Ran's mouth twitched slightly. He really could no longer continue watching.

Because not only were there common citizens present at the scene watching and pointing fingers, there was also the cold and detached, hard to fathom, Jun Lin Yuan present……

"Hurry and stop for me!" Feng Yi Ran's face was as dark as coal. Once he raised his hand, he grabbed and lifted Feng Liu up like an eagle catching a little chicken!

Feng Liu was already so angry she lost her mind. As she struggled, she yelled loudly. "Release me, Elder Brother, she surprisingly called me a slut, moreover, she even dared to fight over Crown Prince Jun with me. See if I don't kill her!"

Feng Yi Ran wished that he could throw this brainless Feng Liu into the moat again.

"Pow!" A loud and resounding slap towards Feng Liu's face, slapped her into confusion as she saw stars.

Without waiting for her to cry out loud and feel wronged, Feng Yi Ran led her towards Jun Lin Yuan's direction. "Just try and yell one more time!"

After that, Feng Liu saw the aloof and remote young man who was enveloped in godly light standing in front of her……

"Jun, Crown Prince Jun……" Feng Liu looked down at her own torn and shapeless dress as well as her dirty appearance after having fought with Fairy Mu Yao and rolled around on the ground. Recalling again her shrew-like accusations from before……

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