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Chapter 1233: 1233
1233 Feng Wu In Danger Something cold flashed in Zuo Ming’s eyes when he saw Feng Wu!

Feng Wu narrowed her eyes as well .

She would never forget that five years ago, Zuo Ming was the one who led the team of attackers, captured her, and made it possible for Zuo Qingluan to destroy her True Phoenix Blood!

While Feng Wu was frustrated that her True Phoenix Blood had been destroyed, it was her beautiful master falling into a prolonged state of dormancy after saving her which Feng Wu couldn’t tolerate!

Thus, she was overwhelmed with hatred when she spotted Zuo Ming .

Lou Yue didn’t expect to run into Zuo Ming here either and looked nonplussed for a moment . However, she soon regained her composure . “Master Zuo, what a pleasant surprise . ”

Come to think of it, Lou Yue wasn’t that much inferior to Zuo Ming in terms of social status .

Zuo Ming gave Lou Yue a half-smile . “Chief Lou, shouldn’t you take this more seriously?”

Lou Yue frowned a little . “Master Zuo, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Zuo Ming pointed at Feng Wu . “This girl has made so much noise . If you don’t punish her, the rules of your tower will be a joke . Aren’t you worried that other people will copy her?”

So, the man was accusing her of being unjust . Lou Yue was displeased, but still smiled . “Master Zuo, if you’ve finished your meal, please leave . This is the World Tower’s business; I can take care of it myself . ”

Lou Yue had some idea of the crown prince’s feelings for Feng Wu, but it was supposed to be a secret, and she wasn’t going to tell anyone else about it .

Zuo Ming didn’t expect to hear such a reply from Lou Yue, and his face darkened .

He had thought that with his influence, he could ruin Feng Wu with a few words .

Lou Yue’s rejection only made Zuo Ming feel humiliated, and he smirked . “How about I take care of it for you, Chief Lou?”

As he spoke, he walked up to Feng Wu .

He looked into Feng Wu’s brooding eyes .

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As soon as their eyes met, Zuo Ming felt his stomach turn!

The girl’s eyes were so bright that they reminded him of the brightest stars that could reveal one’s darkest secrets .

This girl…

Zuo Ming’s stomach lurched, and he wanted to throttle the girl right there and then!

And that was exactly what he did!

Zuo Ming reached out and grabbed Feng Wu by her neck .

Lou Yue’s face darkened, and she tried to intervene . “What are you doing? Leave her alone!”

It happened so suddenly that everyone stared at Zuo Ming in disbelief .

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How merciless!

They also recalled that Feng Wu and Zuo Qingluan used to be compared with each other since they were little .

Now that Feng Wu had risen again, did Master Zuo feel threatened?

At that thought, many people looked at Feng Wu sympathetically .

The Feng clan had declined, so if the Zuo family decided to get rid of Feng Wu, she wouldn’t stand a chance!

Lou Yue was slightly weaker in her cultivation capability and didn’t dare confront Zuo Ming .

Zuo Ming’s left hand was already on Feng Wu’s throat . He then lifted Feng Wu off the ground, and her legs dangled in the air .

“Hm —”

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Suffocated, Feng Wu felt her vision go dark and was full of despair!

Damn it!

She clenched her fists .

The Zuo family almost killed her five years ago!

Five years later, Zuo Ming was trying to kill her in public!

Feng Wu swore to herself that one day, she would kill Zuo Ming herself and wipe the Zuo clan off the face of the earth!

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