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Chapter 1234: 1234
1234 Hold Your Hand “Master Zuo, please release Miss Feng Wu, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!” Lou Yue couldn’t stop Zuo Ming and could only warn him .

Zuo Ming grinned maliciously .

His sharp gaze was locked onto Feng Wu and his fingers wrapped tighter around her neck!

If he could, he would like to kill Feng Wu now…

“Master Zuo!”

A cold voice rang out from the stairs!

To the other people in the room, the voice was like an earth-shattering explosion!

They turned around in unison and were astonished when they saw the person standing on the stairs .

It was Feng!

The crown prince’s steward!

Zuo Ming frowned a little when he saw Feng, and realized that he wasn’t going to kill Feng Wu today .

What was more…

He had never planned to kill Feng Wu in public . There was more than one way to take her out in some dark alley!

At that thought, Zuo Ming laughed and let go of Feng Wu .

Feng Wu could finally breathe freely again, and she gasped for air .

Zuo Ming shot her a warning glance . The look in his eyes reminded her of an alpha wolf .

“Behave yourself from now on . ”

After that, Zuo Ming turned to leave, putting his right hand behind his back .

The entire time, he didn’t even look at Feng .

As the head of the Zuo family, he had his pride .

Feng Wu’s face was a purplish blue color, before it turned scarlet red, and she clenched her fists .

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Zuo Ming, you’ve gone too far!

She swore that she would one day make the man pay for everything he had done to her!

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu suppressed her frustration and looked at Feng . “I need to see Jun Linyuan . Right now . ”

That was such a commanding tone .

Everyone eyed Feng Wu in astonishment .

To their surprise, Feng said, “His Royal Highness will see you now . Miss Wu, please follow me . ”

His Royal Highness had agreed to see Feng Wu!

Everyone was shocked .

Especially Zuo Qingyu and Dugu Yamo; the two of them exchanged looks, and both saw hatred in each other’s eyes .

Feng Wu didn’t wait, because she didn’t have any time to waste .

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“Pretty master, you only have 30 seconds left!”

The fairy, who had kept her silence, finally cried out .

Feng Wu couldn’t care about what other people thought anymore and ran up the stairs as fast as she could .

Thump, thump, thump —

She reached Beyond World in no time .

The crown prince was sitting casually at the table . A red clay stove was on the low table, and some water was boiling in the kettle on top of it .

Looking up, he saw the anxious look on Feng Wu’s face .


This girl…

Before the crown prince could figure out what was going on, Feng Wu jumped at him and caught his hand .

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Astonished, the crown prince drew back his hand .

The fairy cried out, “Pretty master, you only have 10 seconds left!”

Feng Wu’s heart was beating so fast that she thought it was going to jump out of her throat .

She tried to take Jun Linyuan’s hand as though she was catching a butterfly, but the first thing he noticed was her neck .

“What happened?”

His face turned livid when he saw the distinctive finger marks on her neck . His eyes were like two black pools and he gave off an intimidating energy!

The look in his eyes reminded Feng Wu of a sharp blade when he caressed her throat .

Feng Wu felt a cold sensation on her throat, but the only thing she could think of now was to hold Jun Linyuan’s hand .

Hence, she immediately reached for her own neck .

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