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Chapter 1232: 1232
Chapter 1232 The Second Trial 11 This team of imperial guards hadn’t been here then either . They took what was happening here to be just another regular incident, so two team members stepped out and lunged at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu looked anxious .

If the imperial guards arrested her, then…

“Pretty master, you only have 3 minutes left . ”

The fairy had been quite at ease earlier, but she had grown anxious as well, and hastily gave Feng Wu the reminder .

Zuo Qingyu smirked and gave Feng Wu a contemptuous look .

She wasn’t the only one laughing at Feng Wu .

Dugu Yamo and Feng Liu were also gloating .

“Wait —”

There came a cold voice .

All heads turned in that direction .

“Miss Yue?”

Lou Yue, the head of the tower, was hastily coming their way .

It seemed that no one would leave her in peace . She had received the news just as she was about to go into seclusion, and had to rush over .

“Miss Wu —”

Lou Yue beamed at Feng Wu .

“Chief —”

Haiyue greeted Lou Yue .

Lou Yue cast a stern look at her and narrowed her eyes . “What’s going on here? Why didn’t you treat Miss Wu properly? What were you thinking?!”

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Haiyue’s stomach lurched .

Because she was new here, she had no idea of all the complicated relationships that existed, not to mention the fact that Zuo Qingyu had given her an East Sea Blue Pearl earlier, and so —

“Chief, Miss Feng Wu here doesn’t have a card, and it’s against our rules —”

Lou Yue cut her off .

“Miss Feng Wu here is an exception!”

Lou Yue knew who Feng Wu was better than anyone .

Lou Yun, her predecessor, had been removed from her post because she had offended Feng Wu, and Lou Yue didn’t want to go down that same road .

Thinking that, Lou Yue smiled at Feng Wu . “Miss Wu, which floor would you like to go to?”

Feng Wu said, “I need to see Jun Linyuan . ”

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Lou Yue smiled . “His Royal Highness is indeed in Beyond World at the moment, but — Miss Feng, please wait here while I report to His Royal Highness . ”

Everyone stared at Lou Yue in disbelief!

Lou Yue was the head of the World Tower, and almost all high-ranking officials wanted to be on friendly terms with her . Most of the time, however, she seemed rather unapproachable .

But now, she was so nice to Feng Wu!

She had even said “please . ”

So, Feng Wu…

Instantly, many people’s opinion of Feng Wu started to change .

However, Lou Yue had yet to leave, when she heard a sarcastic voice .

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“Oh my, I was wondering who it could be . Isn’t this Miss Feng Wu, who impressed everyone in Imperial College?”

Who was that?

Feng Wu looked up to see a majestic middle-aged man .

He wore a brocade robe and had an authoritative demeanor, but there was something very cold about him; the look he gave Feng Wu was devoid of warmth .

He was —


Zuo Qingyu was glad to see Zuo Ming here . She rushed over to him and took his arm .

With Zuo Ming’s current position and capability, he was able to enter the eighth floor . He had just finished a meal and was walking down the stairs .

He wasn’t alone, but was followed by several officials .

Only people as influential as Zuo Ming himself would eat at the same table, and these few here were all well-known figures in the empire .

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