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Chapter 1228: 1228
Chapter 1228 The Second Trial 7 Feng Sang frowned, but didn’t join the conversation . “His Royal Highness did all that as compensation?”Feng Sang wanted to tell them that given His Royal Highness’s temperament, even if he wanted to compensate someone, he would have one of his subordinates do it . Someone as prominent as he was would never do such a thing himself, let alone carry Feng Wu away .

But she couldn’t say anything, for if she did, they wouldn’t allow her to stay .

Feng Liu smacked the table in frustration . “Feng Wu is so arrogant! She’s crossed the line! I really hope that someone can teach her a lesson!”

An idea struck Dugu Yamo, and she turned to Zuo Qingyu . “By the way, Qingyu, when is your sister coming back?”

Needless to say, she was talking about Zuo Qingluan .

Zuo Qingyu smiled . “I don’t think my sister will come back before she becomes a Spiritual Lord . ”

“But isn’t she worried?” Dugu Yamo looked at Zuo Qingyu . “Feng Wu is hitting on His Royal Highness!”

Zuo Qingyu chuckled . “Why are you worried? How can some girl like Feng Wu compare with my sister? She’s too petty to even put my sister’s shoes on for her . ”

Feng Liu smacked the table . “That’s right! Feng Wu is nothing compared with Sister Qingluan!”

Zuo Qingyu waved her hands and smiled . “Even if Feng Wu is lucky enough for His Royal Highness to be interested in her, she’ll be a concubine at most . What can she possibly do in front of my sister, His Royal Highness’s official wife?”

The others agreed with her, but still felt jealous .

It was either Feng Wu or Zuo Qingluan – why couldn’t it be one of them?

Just then, Zuo Qingyu heard the sounds of a small commotion outside .

His Royal Highness?

“Is His Royal Highness here at World Tower?” Zuo Qingyu was excited!

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Although her sister and His Royal Highness were meant for each other, no one said that a sister-in-law had to remain a sister-in-law . It would be so nice if she and her sister could marry the same person .

Zuo Qingyu had always had that fantasy, so she rushed out as soon as she heard that Jun Linyuan was here .

Why did all the girls here hold so many grudges against Feng Wu? Why had they become allies?

It was because of His Royal Highness, their common goal, and Feng Wu, their common enemy .

Hence, Zuo Qingyu wasn’t the only one who rushed out .

What about Feng Wu? What was she doing at the moment?

She was so anxious!

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Jun Linyuan!

Where was Jun Linyuan at the moment?

Feng Wu had searched everywhere, including all the places Jun Linyuan liked to visit .

Could he be at the Feng manor?

Feng Wu ran back to Fallen Star Yard as fast as she could .

Chaoge was startled when she saw Feng Wu return . “Xiao Wu, did His Royal Highness hit you?”

Elated, Feng Wu took Chaoge’s arm . “No, he didn’t . Was His Royal Highness here?”

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Chaoge nodded . “Yes, he was here only just then, and stood next to the wall, looking all angry . He also kicked our wall before he left —”

Chaoge pointed at what was left of the wall after Jun Linyuan kicked it . “That’s the third time! The wall’s been destroyed three times!”

The broken wall was the last thing Feng Wu cared about . “Where’s Jun Linyuan now?”

Chaoge gave her a sympathetic look . “Xiao Wu, His Royal Highness was so mad and so intimidating . I don’t think we should interact with him anymore…”

Feng Wu felt like screaming .

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