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Chapter 1229: 1229
Chapter 1229 The Second Trial 8 She didn’t want to have anything to do with Jun Linyuan, but it wasn’t like she had a choice . In her head, the fairy was still reminding her in a serious tone, “Pretty master, you only have twenty minutes left . ”

Feng Wu panicked .

Seeing how eager Feng Wu was to see Jun Linyuan, Chaoge sighed inwardly . She wondered if Xiao Wu really had fallen in love with the crown prince .

Chaoge felt so sorry for Feng Wu, but when she saw the anxious look in Feng Wu’s eyes, Chaoge felt that she had to tell her . “I remember Feng asking His Royal Highness if he wanted to go to the World Tower when they were leaving . ”

The World Tower?!

Feng Wu wanted to give Feng a big hug!

He had to be the loveliest old man in the world!

Without another word, Feng Wu dashed off, running as fast as a shooting arrow . Soon, she was out of sight .

Biting her lip, Chaoge looked concerned…

Granny Zhao and Qiuling heard the noise and came out, but they were surprised to find Chaoge alone .

Qiuling said, “I thought I heard Miss Wu just then . Am I hearing things now?”

Chaoge said, “No, you heard correctly…”

Qiuling asked, “But where’s Miss Wu? Why isn’t she back yet? I wonder what Miss Wu has been busy with lately . She wasn’t rushing around like this before . ”

Biting her lip, Chaoge hesitated .

That was right…

Xiao Wu seemed to have changed after His Royal Highness carried her out of Imperial College the other day…

She said, “Is it possible that Xiao Wu is in love with His Royal Highness? She ran out earlier to look for him, and she’s looking for him again…”

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The others exchanged bewildered looks . “She can’t be…”

Feng Wu had no idea of the suspicions of the people in Fallen Star Yard . At that moment, she was running toward the World Tower as fast as her legs would take her .

She was so worried that she would get there only to find Jun Linyuan gone again that she was almost in tears .

Luckily, when she rushed into the World Tower —

She saw that the lobby was packed . Many people were talking excitedly, saying that His Royal Highness was in the World Tower at the moment .

Feng Wu heaved a sigh of relief .

She quickly ran up the stairs, but was stopped by someone at the door .

That was because —

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“Your card, please . ”

The tone was polite, but there was something authoritative about it .

Each floor of the World Tower represented a different level of social status, and one couldn’t go anywhere without a card .

Feng Wu frowned a little . Of the few times she had been here, no one had ever asked her for a card . Moreover, she didn’t have one…

Everyone fell silent, and the atmosphere suddenly turned awkward .

“Hey, isn’t that Miss Feng Wu?”

The tone dripped with acid and was very hostile .

Frowning, Feng Wu turned her head and saw that it was Zuo Qingyu .

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Next to Zuo Qingyu were a few of her old acquaintances .

Feng Liu, Feng Sang, and Dugu Yamo .

Feng Liu sneered at Feng Wu . “Oh my, who do we have here? Why bother coming to the World Tower at all if you don’t have a card?”

Dugu Yamo didn’t expect to see Feng Wu here, let alone catch her in such an embarrassing position, and she smiled . “Miss Feng Wu, would you like to sit at our table? We’re on the fifth floor . ”

Feng Wu didn’t have time for this nonsense . Her top priority now was to find Jun Linyuan .

“I need to see the head of the World Tower . ” Feng Wu stared at the person guarding the entrance .

The guard was a pretty maid, but she had a very stern look on her face . Glancing at Feng Wu, she said indifferently, “The head of the tower won’t see you just because you want to .

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