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Chapter 1227: 1227
1227 The Second Trial 6 She feigned a concerned voice as she asked, “Sister Feng Liu, what’s wrong? Isn’t it a bit too early to get drunk?”

Recalling her brother’s warning, Feng Sang decided to keep her guard up when dealing with Zuo Qingyu .

Her family had made up their minds to get along with Feng Wu, because they would become connected to His Royal Highness through her .

However, Feng Liu didn’t like that verdict . Holding her bottle, she sobbed .

Zuo Qingyu acted like a good friend and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Is it because of… Feng Wu?”

Something clicked in Feng Liu’s head at the sound of that name, and she roused a little . “How do you know it’s Feng Wu?”

Zuo Qingyu gave her a knowing look . “So, it really is her… I was only guessing, that’s all . You know what Feng Wu’s like . I bet she’s all high-and-mighty at the moment . She has to be so arrogant . ”

Feng Liu’s face went scarlet, and her eyes shone maliciously .

Zuo Qingyu was very good at making other people do the dirty work while she hid behind the scenes .

Right now, Feng Liu was her new dumb pawn .

“That Feng Wu is unbelievable . Nothing has happened yet, but she’s already acting like a peacock . ” Dugu Yamo snorted .

That was what girls were like . Regardless of what their prior relationships were like, when they had a common enemy, they would suddenly become best friends .

And that was what they were now .

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Feng Liu was so mad that she smashed her bottle down on the table . “Of course she’s like a peacock! His Royal Highness carried her away in his arms! He carried her! He carried her!”

“However…” Something flickered in Dugu Yamo’s eyes . “Could it be that there’s something behind all this?”

“What are you suggesting?” Feng Liu’s eyes widened, and she looked excited .

Dugu Yamo said, “Maybe there’s another reason . For instance, His Royal Highness owing Feng Wu something… That’s it!”

Dugu Yamo smacked the table in excitement . “It has to be about the annulled marriage contract!”

All eyes were on Dugu Yamo .

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She couldn’t hide the excitement on her face . “His Royal Highness was engaged to Feng Wu five years ago, but it was later annulled . His Royal Highness must feel sorry toward Feng Wu over that . ”

She was so excited that she spoke very fast . “A capable cultivator like His Royal Highness can’t have anything trouble his mind . Otherwise, it can interfere with his cultivation and make him go berserk!

“That was why His Royal Highness hurt Old Master Xuanyuan to save Feng Wu!

“And that was why His Royal Highness showed up during that duel and snatched the old man’s soul!”

Before this, the others had believed that His Royal Highness had feelings for Feng Wu, but they saw the light when they listened to Dugu Yamo’s analysis .

“That’s right! Since when is His Royal Highness in love with Feng Wu? It has to be out of guilt for what happened before!”

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None of them stopped to think about the possibility that Jun Linyuan would genuinely try to compensate her for what he had done .

However, the girls here had convinced themselves with that excuse, and they grew excited!

Feng Liu said, “Hah, does that Feng Wu really think that His Royal Highness likes her? She’ll be in tears after she learns that His Royal Highness was only trying to compensate her . ”

Dugu Yamo said, “Feng Wu is too arrogant; everyone knows it now . She’ll be so humiliated when the truth is revealed . Your entire clan will be incriminated . ”

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