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Chapter 1226: 1226
Chapter 1226 The Second Trial 5

Feng Xun looked perfectly innocent . “How can that be eavesdropping? You were so loud that we could hear you all the way from over there . ”
Feng Wu’s heart raced . “We? Was someone with you?”

Feng Xun gave Feng Wu a meaningful look . “Of course . I was with Boss Jun . ”

Rumble —

Feng Wu felt as though a thunderclap had exploded over her head so loudly that her scalp tingled . She looked dumbfounded!

She stared at Lady Northern Feng in bewilderment .

The lady shrugged, looking equally innocent . “I had no idea that His Royal Highness was here…”

Feng Wu looked like she was going to cry .

Today had to be the unluckiest day of her life! Everything was working against her!

“Where’s Jun Linyuan now?!” Feng Wu returned to herself and grabbed Feng Xun’s hand .

Feng Xun shrugged . “You were yelling that Jun Linyuan was the last person on earth that you would fall in love with, and you know what Boss Jun’s like… Of course he stormed off . ”

“In which direction?!” Feng Wu was so mad that she shook Feng Xun by his shoulders .

Feng Xun could have told her that Jun Linyuan was there! “Why is this happening? Ahhh —”

Feng Xun looked so innocent . “How am I supposed to know what you’re thinking…”

“I wasn’t thinking of anything! I was just… Well, forget it . Just tell me which direction Jun Linyuan left in . ”

“East . ” Feng Xun pointed for her .

Feng Wu threw a dirty look at Feng Xun and dashed off as fast as a streak of lightning!

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Left behind, Lady Northern Feng and Feng Xun exchanged looks .

Lady Northern Feng looked concerned . “Is Xiao Wu… really in love with His Royal Highness?”

Feng Xun had gotten used to the idea already and retorted, “What’s wrong with that?”

Lady Northern Feng rolled her eyes at him . “Have you heard nothing I’ve told you so far? What’s so good about marrying into the royal family? She’ll have to compete with so many women!”

Feng Xun rubbed his nose .

He couldn’t bring himself to tell his mother that little Feng Wu already hugged Boss Jun in Endless Peach Blossom Grove the day before .

She had hugged him from behind first, then moved to the front . And it had been a very long hug . With one look, he could tell that Feng Wu had wanted to do it .

While Feng Wu was searching everywhere for Jun Linyuan, in World Tower —

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Feng Liu was drowning herself in alcohol .

The thought of Feng Wu put her in a bad mood, so she had invited a few of her girlfriends to have a drink at World Tower .

Naturally, Feng Sang was among them .

On the fifth floor .

“I think you’ve had enough . ” Feng Sang looked at Feng Liu in resignation . “You look drunk, and this is highly inappropriate . ”

Feng Liu waved her off . “Leave me alone! I want to drink! Let me drink —”

“Hey, isn’t that Feng Liu?”

Zuo Qingyu and Dugu Yamo were heading upstairs when they heard Feng Liu’s voice from a private room on the fifth floor, and they exchanged looks .

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They recognized Feng Liu’s voice .

Feng Liu was unimportant, but she was related to Feng Wu, and that made her somewhat valuable .

Hence, after exchanging looks, Zuo Qingyu and Dugu Yamo headed for that room together .

They pushed the door open without knocking, and indeed, they saw the inebriated Feng Liu .

Feng Liu recognized Zuo Qingyu . “Qingyu, it’s you . What a coincidence . ”

Zuo Qingyu smiled . “Do you mind if we sit here?”

Feng Liu wanted to make friends with Zuo Qingyu, so of course she wouldn’t turn them away . Her head was still spinning when she waved at the other two girls . “No, of course not . ”

After taking her seat, Zuo Qingyu saw Feng Liu’s flushed cheeks, and feigned a concerned tone .

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