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Chapter 1225
Chapter 1225 The Second Trial 4 “That’s right! Why didn’t I think of that before? I should have said that I was here to make peace with Jun Linyuan . That way, I have a proper excuse to hold his hand!” thought Feng Wu . “Granny Gong, you’re so lovely!” Feng Wu said excitedly .

Granny Gong gave Feng Wu a dirty look . “Unfortunately, you’re too late . ”

“What… do you mean?” Feng Wu was stunned .

Granny Gong said, “His Royal Highness went out . ”

Feng Wu asked, “Out? Where?!”

Granny Gong answered, “His Royal Highness said he was going for a walk . I have no idea where he is now…”

Feng Wu: !!!

The fairy cried out in Feng Wu’s head . “Oh god, what are we going to do? There’s not much time left!”

Feng Wu immediately asked Granny Gong, “When did he leave? Why didn’t I see him?”

Granny Gong said, “His Royal Highness left through the front door while you came in from the back… He only just left . ”

Feng Wu smacked her own head in frustration .

Feng Wu blamed herself for waiting outside . Because of that, she had missed him… If she failed the mission because she couldn’t find Jun Linyuan, she would cry so hard .

She left Granny Gong immediately and rushed to the front gate .

Outside the front gate was a wide street full of people, but Jun Linyuan was nowhere to be found .

Feng Wu finally panicked…

She hastily asked the guards where Jun Linyuan had gone .

They told her that His Royal Highness had headed in the direction of West Boulevard .

West Boulevard?

Feng Wu immediately ran in that direction!

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However, she still didn’t see Jun Linyuan anywhere after a long while .

Feng Wu was speechless .

“Pretty master, you only have 60 minutes left,” the fairy reminded Feng Wu .

Feng Wu looked frustrated . “I know…”

The Feng clan, Northern Feng Mansion, Wandering Temple, and even the imperial palace were in that direction .

So, where on earth had Jun Linyuan gone?

“Isn’t he supposed to be in bad shape? Why is he still wandering around? Fine, I’ll go to Northern Feng Mansion first . Maybe he went to see Feng Xun . ”

Feng Wu ran toward Northern Feng Mansion .

At that hour, Lady Northern Feng was still having breakfast . She was glad to see Feng Wu, and wanted the girl to eat with her .

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Feng Wu wasn’t in the mood to eat anything . All she could think of at the moment was finding Jun Linyuan .

She cut to the chase . “Is His Royal Highness not here?”

The emperor had a lot of sons, but “His Royal Highness” always referred to Jun Linyuan .

Lady Northern Feng asked curiously, “Are you looking for His Royal Highness?”

Feng Wu said, “Yes . ”

Lady Northern Feng gave Feng Wu a serious look, sat up straight, and asked, “Why are you looking for His Royal Highness here?”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Lady Northern Feng added, “And why are you looking for him so early in the morning? Xiao Wu, are the two of you…”

Jumping to her feet, Feng Wu tried to explain . “There’s nothing going on between us!”

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She might as well have admitted it herself…

Lady Northern Feng looked concerned . “Xiao Wu, are you infatuated with him?”

Feng Wu said, “No, I’m not! My lady, you’re mistaken! How can I be in love with someone like Jun Linyuan? He’s the last person on earth I would fall in love with!”

Crash —

They heard a noise outside the door . Turning around, Feng Wu saw that Feng Xun had bumped into the door plank .

The sight made Feng Wu jump . For a brief moment, she thought she had seen Jun Linyuan .

“Why are you eavesdropping on us?” Feng Wu berated Feng Xun .

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