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Chapter 1224: 1224
Chapter 1224 The Second Trial 3 “Miss Feng, are you here to see His Royal Highness? It’s too wet out here . Would you like to wait inside?”The fairy reminded Feng Wu in her head, “You have 90 minutes left . ”

Feng Wu took a deep breath and decided to face her doom .


Sticking out her chest, Feng Wu marched into the crown prince’s residence .

Liu San had already sent someone to fetch Granny Gong, who was amazed to hear the news .

Although she still held a grudge against Feng Wu, she knew better than to offend the girl, so she came out to greet Feng Wu herself .

“Granny Gong —”

Feng Wu smiled when she saw the old maid .

However, Granny Gong looked a little awkward when she saw her today . She quickly looked away after glancing at Feng Wu resentfully .

Given how sensitive Feng Wu was, she couldn’t miss that .

“Granny Gong, did something happen?” Feng Wu asked suspiciously as she took Granny Gong’s arm .

Granny Gong snorted and looked away .

“This seems quite serious,” thought Feng Wu .

She tried to appease the old maid . “Granny Gong, have I done something to upset you? Please tell me . Don’t keep it all to yourself . I won’t know if you don’t tell me . ”

Granny Gong darted a look at Feng Wu . “Do you really want to know?”

Feng Wu nodded with a smile . “Yes, and if I’ve done something wrong, just be straight with me and tell me so . ”

Granny Gong looked Feng Wu in the eye . “In that case, please promise me that you’ll be nice to His Royal Highness from now on . Don’t pick on him, okay?”

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Pick on the crown prince?

Feng Wu was speechless . “Granny Gong, is there a misunderstanding or something? How can I pick on Jun Linyuan? How would I dare?”

She felt so wronged . “He’s the most prominent cultivator of our generation . He’s scheming, domineering, and powerful, and he’s the crown prince that can make all government officials shudder in his presence . How can I pick on him? It’s more like the other way round . ”

Granny Gong looked disgruntled . “Do any of the government officials or commoners dare shout at His Royal Highness?”

Feng Wu said, “Well…”

Granny Gong stared at Feng Wu . “Do any of those people dare step on His Royal Highness’s foot?”

Feng Wu said, “Well…”

The old maid was still glaring at Feng Wu . “And do any of those people dare slap His Royal Highness?”

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Feng Wu said, “Well… that was because Jun Linyuan…”

Granny Gong sighed in resignation . “Do you know that you hurt His Royal Highness when you pushed him before you left?”

“How is that possible? He’s so capable…”

“Normally, you wouldn’t be able to, but His Royal Highness has yet to recover from the toxin of the decaying corpses in the water dungeon, and most of the toxin is gathered in his back . Do you have any idea how badly hurt he was when you shoved him into the table?”

Feng Wu asked, “Are you saying he was injured?”

Granny Gong almost rolled her eyes . “Old Master Xuanyuan was the head of one of the nine major clans, and not someone you can simply kill . Even His Royal Highness had to pay a price . ”

Feng Wu said, “Alright . ”

Granny Gong jabbed a finger into Feng Wu’s forehead . “How could you mistreat him like that?”

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Feng Wu rubbed her nose, wondering where Granny Gong got the idea that she had been mistreating Jun Linyuan . Clearly it was the other way round .

“75 minutes left . ”

The fairy warned Feng Wu in her head .

“By the way —” Feng Wu tugged at Granny Gong, who was still complaining . “Where’s His Royal Highness?”

“So, you’ve come here to… apologize to His Royal Highness?” Granny Gong glanced at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu said, “Yes… That’s right! I’m here to make peace with him!”

Her eyes lit up!

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