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Published at 17th of November 2020 03:00:09 AM

Chapter 1223
Chapter 1223 The Second Trial 2 Rubbing her chin, Chaoge said, “Is she running toward the crown prince’s residence? No, she can’t be . Xiao Wu can’t be going to see His Royal Highness . ”–

However, to everyone’s surprise, Feng Wu really was headed in Jun Linyuan’s direction .

The fairy would remind her of the time whenever she slowed down .

The crown prince’s residence was some distance away from the Feng manor . Feng Wu rode as fast as she could, but it still took her some time to get there .

Feng Wu hesitated when she got to the residence .

As a matter of fact, the atmosphere in the residence had been rather strange since the crown prince got back the night before .

Feng and Granny Gong sensed it more keenly than anyone else .

“Is His Royal Highness still in his study?”

Granny Gong arrived with a lunchbox, only to find that the lights were still on in the study . She glanced at Feng in bewilderment .

“Did something happen yesterday?” Granny Gong looked perplexed .

Feng was with His Royal Highness all the time, so she thought that he must know the answer .

Rubbing his chin, Feng smiled a little .

Granny Gong cried out, “You’re smiling!”

Feng asked, “Am I?”

Granny Gong nodded earnestly . “Yes, and it’s a sneaky smile . Tell me: What’s going on with His Royal Highness?”

Feng gave her an unconcerned glance . “Aren’t you a bit too old to gossip?”

Granny Gong stepped on Feng’s foot . “Hey —”

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Feng raised his chin and smiled . “Take a wild guess . ”

Granny Gong mumbled, “Don’t tell me that Miss Feng Wu has something to do with this . ”

Feng gave her a mysterious smile .

Granny Gong frowned . “Seriously? It’s really about her?”

Feng glanced at Granny Gong . “I thought you liked the girl, but you don’t sound so fond of her now . ”

Granny Gong complained, “His Royal Highness likes her, and so should we . But you’ve seen it yourself . That girl is outrageous . She slapped His Royal Highness, and I’m so…”

Everyone cared about the children they raised .

Granny Gong had been taking care of His Royal Highness since he was little, so of course, she sympathized with him . As a result, she began to hold a grudge against Feng Wu .

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Feng only smiled . “His Royal Highness tried to take advantage of her first . You can’t blame her . ”

Granny Gong said, “I know that, but I just can’t bring myself to see His Royal Highness mistreated . By the way, what happened yesterday? His Royal Highness has been in there the whole night and hasn’t come out yet!”

Just then, the door was flung open!

“Cough —”

The handsome crown prince walked out, looking as stunning and charismatic as ever .

He started walking without looking at anyone .

Feng immediately followed him .

Granny Gong asked, “Your Royal Highness, where are you going?”

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Jun Linyuan said casually, “I’m taking a walk . ”

Feng Wu was at the back door, but Jun Linyuan left via the front gate . The two of them ended up missing each other .

Feng Wu had no idea that Jun Linyuan had left, and was still hesitating under the lantern hanging above the gate .

Liu San was the gatekeeper at the crown prince’s residence .

This wasn’t a job for just anyone, and Liu San had grown quite good at reading people .

He had seen the way His Royal Highness and Granny Gong treated Feng Wu, and had learned something from it .

Seeing Feng Wu wandering around while biting her fingers, Liu San hastily walked over to her .

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