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Chapter 1222: 1222
Chapter 1222 The Second Trial 1 “Don’t worry about it . ” Feng Wu waved at them with a smile . “I’ll take care of it . You guys go to bed now . It’s late . ”The night passed without incident .

Feng Wu was woken up by rustling the following morning .

What was that?

She rubbed her forehead, feeling dazed .

She had tossed and turned in bed the whole night without getting any sleep . As a result, Feng Wu felt as though she was sleepwalking when she got out of bed that morning .

“Pretty master, wake up . Wake up . ”

Feng Wu heard a girl’s sweet, soft voice .

She woke up with a start and sat up, still clutching her duvet . Her memories only came back to her slowly after a long while .

“The 12 Trials of Love!” Feng Wu rubbed her forehead, feeling distressed . She had a feeling that she was going to have some very tough days ahead of her .

“I’ll do anything to save my beautiful master!”

Clenching her fists, Feng Wu told herself that .

“The second trial starts now . ” The soft girly voice rang out in Feng Wu’s head .

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched . “What is it?”

The fairy paused and gave Feng Wu an awkward glance .

Feng Wu said, “Just tell me . I’m ready . ”

“Alright . ” The fairy looked sympathetically at Feng Wu . “The second trial requires you to hold the host’s hand within two hours, and —”

“Hold his hand?” Feng Wu almost jumped to her feet .

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“Yes —” Seeing how freaked out Feng Wu was, the fairy said tentatively, “And, you’ll have to hold his hand for at least a minute . ”

“You —” Feng Wu pointed at the fairy . “I can’t do that . Please change it . ”

Holding hands was such an intimate way of expressing one’s emotions, and it felt much more significant than a hug .

“I can’t change it . ” The fairy looked innocently at Feng Wu . “You have to do it, or you can give up . ”

Feng Wu was speechless .

Of course she knew what her two options were . Proceed with the mission and she would find all the broken star pieces, but if she gave up now…

Seeing that Feng Wu had lowered her head in disappointment, the fairy kindly reminded her, “Pretty master, you only have two hours left .

“And if you don’t finish the trial before time is up…

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“The mission will be considered a failure . ”

The fairy drew an hourglass as she spoke .

The sand began to fall quickly, so fast that it made Feng Wu want to scream .

She only had two hours . Even if she wanted to hold Jun Linyuan’s hand, she still had to find him first . That meant that two hours might not even be enough .

Hence, she quickly got out of bed and prepared to go out .

Qiuling entered the room to help Feng Wu get ready, but saw that the latter had already washed, changed and made herself presentable .

“Miss —”

Qiuling was only able to utter one word before Feng Wu waved her off . “I need to go out . It’s urgent . ”

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As soon as she said that, Feng Wu ran out the room like a gust of wind . The next second, she was nowhere to be seen .

“Miss, where are you going —”

Qiuling called after Feng Wu .

Where was she going? Should she go to the crown prince’s residence so early in the morning? Feng Wu wasn’t going to let other people know what she was up to .

Hence, she didn’t answer, but only waved at Qiuling .

When Chaoge arrived, all she saw was Feng Wu waving in the distance .

Chaoge asked, “What’s that about? Where is Xiao Wu going, so early in the morning?”

Qiuling looked perplexed . “I have no idea…”

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