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Chapter 1221
Chapter 1221 The First Trial 3 The fairy cringed . She wanted to comfort Feng Wu, but feared that she might take the brunt of Feng Wu’s vexation . When Feng Wu started banging her head against a tree, the fairy finally couldn’t take it anymore .

β€œHey, pretty master, please don’t do that —” The fairy had a sweet girly voice, which was quite pleasing to the ears .

But Feng Wu felt as though a fire was burning inside her .

β€œWhy couldn’t it be Feng Xun? It would be so much easier to hug him . I can do it at any moment . Why did it have to be Jun Linyuan…” Feng Wu felt like crying .

The fairy rubbed her nose . She didn’t dare admit that she had chosen Jun Linyuan for her pretty master because she had found the teenager so handsome…

β€œThat was only the first trial, and there are 11 more to go…” Feng Wu wanted to cry, but no tears would come . β€œWhat are the other trials like?”

The fairy stammered . β€œWell… They’re… mostly like this one . I think?”

β€œAre you sure?”

The fairy raised a black cloth and took a peek at the description of the remaining trials . Instantly, her voice wasn’t so confident anymore, and she said gingerly, β€œWell… I… think so . ”

Feng Wu waved her hand in resignation . β€œSigh . I shouldn’t blame you . It’s just fate, I guess . I’ll take it one step at a time . ”

The fairy nodded immediately .

Feng Wu asked, β€œWhen will the second trial begin?”

The fairy said, β€œTomorrow . ”

Feng Wu let out a breath of relief . β€œGood . I can take a short break . ”

She had a hunch that the so-called 12 Trials of Love was going to be a consecutive series of tasks that she would have to finish in one go…

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After that, she went back to Fallen Star Yard .

Chaoge rushed up to Feng Wu as soon as she saw her . β€œXiao Wu, you’re back . ”

Feng Wu nodded at Chaoge . She then sat down at her table, rested her chin on one hand, and sighed .

Seeing this, Chaoge thought that Feng Wu had failed, so she sat down next to her, held her hands, and tried to console her . β€œXiao Wu, don’t be sad . You didn’t get to meet Master Linghu this time, but I’m sure you’ll meet him some other day . Plus, only a handful of people in the imperial capital have met Master Linghu so far; it’s only normal that you didn’t get to meet him . Don’t beat yourself up over it . ”

Feng Wu remained silent . She wished that she had never met Master Linghu .

All of a sudden, Feng Wu narrowed her eyes, a suspicious look in them .

Wait β€”

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Master Linghu had astonished her at first with how reverent he appeared, before he showed her the roulette with some impossible tasks .

He had then told her that the 12 Trials of Love was the easiest one, and that he was practically giving it to her .

β€œThe easiest one? Like hell it is!”

Had Feng Wu known what the 12 Trials of Love involved, or what she had to do with Jun Linyuan, she would rather try stealing that imperial seal or killing the young East Sea dragon king .

β€œXiao Wu, what’s wrong? Please tell us . We might not be able to solve your problem, but we can still offer moral support,” said Chaoge .

Feng Wu didn’t know how to begin to describe how she felt .

How was she supposed to tell the others about the 12 Trials of Love? She had no idea what to expect . What if the task required her to marry Jun Linyuan?

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β€œArgh!” Frustrated, Feng Wu smacked the table and jumped to her feet .

β€œXiao Wu, what’s wrong?” Chaoge was a little frightened .

Only then did Feng Wu return to herself . She looked up to find the others all eyeing her with concern…

She suddenly realized that she was overreacting .

All these people here needed her protection, and she had to keep this family safe . The last thing she should be doing was bemoaning her fate and frightening everyone else .

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