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Chapter 1219
Chapter 1219 The First Trial 1 The fairy’s face was so fair that it looked like it had been carved out of white jade . Right now, she was looking at Feng Wu with an innocent look on her face . Feng Wu said, “Tell me now . What’s the 12 Trials of Love?”

Master Linghu had kept Feng Wu guessing . So far, she only knew that it was an easy task, but not the specifics .

“I see —” The fairy, who had been frightened by Feng Wu, returned to her senses . Blinking at Feng Wu, she said, “Well, the name is pretty self-explanatory . The 12 Trials of Love means that the two of you will have to form ties of affection 12 times . ”

“The two of us?” Feng Wu frowned .

The fairy nodded, then pointed a tiny finger at none other than Jun Linyuan himself!

Feng Wu asked, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

The fairy said, “The first trial starts right now . ”

Feng Wu asked, “What’s the first trial?”

She was curious but scared at the same time…

In her pretty dress, the fairy twirled in Feng Wu’s mind and pointed her fairy wand at Jun Linyuan . Her sweet voice then rang out in Feng Wu’s head . “The first trial: Hug the host of the peach blossom . ”

Feng Wu asked, “Who’s the host?”

The fairy almost rolled her eyes at her . “That handsome, spectacular teenage boy, of course! Hey, my pretty master, where are you looking?”

Feng Wu asked, “You mean Jun Linyuan?”

The fairy nodded .

Feng Wu stomped her foot . “I was going to pick Feng Xun! Why did it become Jun Linyuan?”

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The fairy cringed a little . Of course she wouldn’t tell Feng Wu that she had chosen Jun Linyuan herself .


Anyone would choose Jun Linyuan, all right? He was handsome, talented, and powerful . The fairy wondered if there was a problem with her pretty master’s eyes .

The fairy cleared her throat . “Well… you have yourself to blame for that . You let the bottle slip, and threw me onto him . ”

Feng Wu felt like slapping herself, and was utterly depressed .

The fairy prompted Feng Wu . “Hey, do it . ”

Feng Wu asked, “Do what?”

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The fairy stomped her foot . “The first trial, of course . Hug your peach blossom host . The mission comes with a time limit . ”

Feng Wu was dumbfounded .

“Finish this trial in the next 15 minutes, or this mission is deemed a failure . That way, the broken star piece you need will disappear forever . ”

Feng Wu: !!!

The fairy said, “Yes, just like that . ”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

So, this was the easy mission Master Linghu had promised, except that it wasn’t easy at all!

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Sensing how resentful Feng Wu was, the fairy shuddered a little, but still reminded Feng Wu, “Hey, the host is leaving —”

Feng Wu had to finish this task in 15 minutes, and Jun Linyuan was leaving . How frustrating!

The fairy just happened to add, “The hug has to last for more than 2 seconds to be deemed valid . ”

Feng Wu said, “Shut up!”

Covering her mouth, the fairy’s big, pretty eyes darted around .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu couldn’t begin to vent her frustration . This was only the first trial — God knew what the rest of the 11 trials were .

The thought completely baffled Feng Wu .

It was like the fairy said; Jun Linyuan acted as if Feng Wu wasn’t there . He turned around in an arrogant manner, and looked very resolute when he started to walk away .

“Quickly!” the fairy reminded Feng Wu . “Think about your broken star piece!”

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