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Chapter 1218: 1218
Chapter 1218 12 Trials of Love Feng Xun should agree to work with her, even if some intimate actions might be involved… As her brother, he should help her . At that thought, Feng Wu made up her mind and decided that she would go to Feng Xun .

She stepped out of the courtyard to find a dark shadow charging at her!

The team leader of the assassins?!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched when she saw him!

No, this person was much more powerful than that team leader, and unbelievably fast . If she had to guess, he was here to save the team leader .

Feng Wu was on guard, and quickly shifted to one side .

However, that mysterious man in black seemed to have guessed how Feng Wu would move, and changed direction as well .

He struck at her with an open palm!


It was a merciless attack . The spiritual essence swept across the grove, as though it was going to set everything on fire!

Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .


She wouldn’t be able to dodge!

There were indeed more capable people in the imperial capital than she could count . She was a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster who had reached perfection at her level, but was still as easily defeated as before .

Just when Feng Wu thought that she was going to be hit, something unexpected happened .

A streak of black light rushed toward them at an incredible speed .


When the black light reached Feng Wu, all she could see was an afterimage .

The tall figure raised his right hand and smashed down at the other man’s head .

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Just as the man in black struck at Feng Wu, the other person attacked the man in black!

Instantly, the air twisted, and an endless amount of spiritual essence fluctuated violently .

“Little Feng Wu!”

Behind them, Feng Xun arrived in a flustered state . He thought his heart was going to stop when he saw that man in black attack Feng Wu .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu stood there dazed, still shaken from what happened .

Thanks to the timely rescue, Feng Wu wasn’t severely injured, and the fist of the man in black only brushed past her cheek, leaving a tiny scratch on it .

However —

Feng Wu looked up at her savior .

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The look on her face turned very conflicted when she saw who it was .

It was Jun Linyuan, again .

The last time they met, Feng Wu had kicked and slapped the guy . She thought that they would never see each other again, but as it turned out, he had saved her once more .

Instantly, Feng Wu blushed and didn’t know what to do .

Looking down, Feng Wu saw that the bottle which Master Linghu had given her a moment ago had cracked .

“Ahhh —”

Feng Wu cried out in surprise .

It was her 12 Trials of Love!

Looking up, Feng Wu saw a faint streak of spiritual essence fly out of the bottle and take the shape of a tiny peach blossom fairy .

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And right now, that fairy was sitting on Jun Linyuan’s shoulder and winking at her .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Somehow, she had a very bad feeling .

She was quite right . There was a buzzing sound in her ears, and the next moment, a sweet, girly voice rang out in her head . “The 12 Trials of Love have commenced!”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

When she looked for the fairy on Jun Linyuan’s shoulder again, she saw that there was only a peach blossom petal there .

“Where are you looking? I’m here . Here —”

The fairy spoke to Feng Wu in her head .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

She communicated with the fairy in her mind . “Who are you and what do you want? I’m warning you, don’t mess with me . ”

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