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Chapter 1220
Chapter 1220 The First Trial 2 The broken star piece —At the thought of the broken star piece, which could save her beautiful master, Feng Wu forgot everything else, and charged at Jun Linyuan like a cannonball!


She bumped into Jun Linyuan’s back with such great force that her nose almost bled .

Closing her eyes, Feng Wu threw her arms around Jun Linyuan’s lean waist .

Everyone was astonished!

Especially Feng Xun!

Right now, Feng Xun was staring unblinkingly at Feng Wu .

“Did little Feng Wu suddenly realize what she wants?”

Little Yuanbao’s eyes were wide as well .

“I thought His Royal Highness hated it when other people got too close . And isn’t he a neat freak? Why hasn’t he pushed Miss Feng away?”

Jun Linyuan was the most shocked of them all .

He had only just quarreled with Feng Wu and was still mad at her .

It was natural that he would save her again, but his pride wouldn’t allow him to talk to her .

But the last thing he expected was for the girl to hug him of her own accord in public . What… what does she want?

No one noticed that the crown prince’s fair earlobes had turned a light pink .

Meanwhile, the peach blossom fairy reminded Feng Wu in her head, “No! That’s not right! You can’t hug him from behind! It has to be from the front!”

Feng Wu already felt like burying her head in the ground, and she wanted to send the fairy flying with a smack when she heard that .

She cried out in her head, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

The fairy cringed .

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What other choice did Feng Wu have?

She had hugged him already, so what difference would it make if she threw herself into his arms? She gave in .

Hence —

Jun Linyuan had yet to recover from the shock when Feng Wu ran to the front and put her arms around him, burying her head in his chest so that her cheek was pressed to his body .

Wait —

To Feng Wu’s surprise, she didn’t hear a heartbeat under her ear .

What she didn’t know was that the crown prince was so shocked that his heart had skipped a beat .

What Feng Wu cared about now was if this hug counted .

If the fairy told her no, Feng Wu swore that she would throw the fairy away .

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The fairy sounded relieved when she said, “Great! The first trial has been completed!”

Before the fairy could say another word, Feng Wu ran away from Jun Linyuan .

Jun Linyuan had been so conflicted that he clenched his fists . He was thinking whether he should hug her back, when the girl dashed off .

He was speechless .

She didn’t just dash off, she ran like she was flying . She ran all the way out of the peach blossom grove and disappeared into the distance…

Jun Linyuan was speechless .

He and Feng Xun exchanged looks .

“Ahem —” The crown prince cleared his throat to cover his embarrassment .

Crossing his hands behind him, he stood there looking every bit as handsome as the crown prince of an empire should look .

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With an amazed look on his face, Little Yuanbao said the wrong thing . “Your Royal Highness, she took advantage of you!”

“What are you talking about?” Feng Xun rapped the little monk’s head with his knuckles . “It’s only taking advantage if it’s one-sided . ”

The monk scratched his head in confusion . “I don’t get it . ”

Jun Linyuan glared at Feng Xun . “What are you talking about?

Feng Xun rubbed his nose . Hm, it seemed that Boss Jun still wouldn’t admit it — they still had a long way to go .

Feng Wu didn’t know what happened after she left, but she could take a guess .

“Ahhh —”

In the empty woods, Feng Wu knocked her head against a tree .

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