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Chapter 121: The Hell, Are You Leaving Or Not? !

Yu Ming Ye stared with wide opened eyes. "Feng Wu? That crippled Feng Wu from the Feng family in Northern Territory City?"

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth twitched, but she still nodded. "………"

"The crippled Feng Wu who's Jun Lin Yuan's former fiancee?"

Feng Wu clenched her fists, nodded. "……"

"That Feng family's fifth young lady whose position had been supplanted by Zuo Qing Luan?"

A blue-green vein popped on Feng Wu's forehead.

"Ha ha ha, so it turns out that you're the rumoured trash Feng Wu with the grand reputation!"

Feng Wu inhaled slowly……really, what's up with the pity which emerged in her heart for Yu Ming Ye just now……she really was going crazy!

Feng Wu shook off Yu Ming Ye, and walked forward very angrily.

"Hey! Wait up——" Yu Ming Ye caught up with her.

Feng Wu panted with rage as she walked. Yu Ming Ye walked alongside Feng Wu and stared at her from time to time. Based on what he could discern from her body language, this beautiful girl really seemed to be……

"Hey——" Yu Ming Ye poked at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu ignored him.

"Are you really angry now? Really, really angry now?" Yu Ming Ye asked probingly.

Feng Wu continued to move forwards in large strides as before, without any pause.

She naturally couldn't stop, what if she got caught by Feng Xun and company. The consequences would be too horrible to contemplate.

Yu Ming Ye and Feng Wu walked side by side into a large street. Seeing how her face was continually stiff, Yu Ming Ye grumbled. "Hey, you girl, why is your tolerance so low. No wonder Jun Lin Yuan annulled your engagement. My goddess is truly magnanimous, she certainly wouldn't be so easily angered like you!"

Feng Wu laughed coldly. "Your goddess? What's the name of your goddess?"

Yu Ming Ye was immediately choked off!

He responded. "Her name is, is……"

He originally had been calling her Ugly Girl, however, he had just blown her up into a goddess. If he called her Ugly Girl now, it'd be like a slap in his face, therefore, he said. "Her last name is Feng and is fifth in line, therefore she's referred to as the Fifth Lady. She's definitely unlike you, who randomly announces her name to unfamiliar men."

Feng Wu took in a deep breath and restrained herself.

However, don't know if it's because she took in a deep breath that Feng Wu unexpectedly felt a burst of distention arise in her lower abdomen……oh no, she's going to pass gas again soon!

She involuntarily raised her head and glanced at Yu Ming Ye.

Yu Ming Ye couldn't make heads or tails of why she's looking at him. "What's up? Is a flower on my face, or somethin'?"

Feng Wu bit her lower lip. Her gaze was rather complicated……

Was it possible that after gas was discharged from her body, Yu Ming Ye wouldn't be able to distinguish the scent of the Immortal Spirit Fruit from within?

Feng Wu shook her head inside her mind. There was no way this was possible. Therefore, what should she do now?

"Why are you continually covering up your stomach? Stomachache?" Yu Ming Ye looked towards Feng Wu in a puzzled manner.

What could Feng Wu say?

"Why have you been following me? Go and look for your goddess instead!" Feng Wu glared harshly at him. "I want to go home now. Don't you follow me!"

Yu Ming Ye was unable to make heads or tails of her fierceness for a time. He's also someone who had a temper and immediately laughed coldly. "Do you think that I want to follow you? If it isn't because of the fact that your scent and figure resembled my goddess', even if you kneeled and begged me, I wouldn't be accompanying you!"

After saying this, Yu Ming Ye panted with rage as he dashed away in the opposite direction——

Feng Wu stared at him with eyes wide……so it turned out that it's this simple to anger Yu Ming Ye away? She miserably entangled with him for nearly half a day!

Seeing Yu Ming Ye distancing himself, Feng Wu immediately inhaled deeply then charged into an alley to the side……just as she prepared to relieve herself of that pressure she was holding in……she looked up and saw Yu Ming Ye stand in front of her.

Close call!

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