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Chapter 120

Chapter 120: My Name Is Feng Wu, As In Phoenix Dancing Through Nine Continents

This white porcelain bottle . Could it be that they weren’t the ones she threw at Yu Ming Ye when she schemed against him? At that time, she tricked him to the point that both his feet bled and both eyes became red and swollen……

What’s he claiming to be the origin of these white porcelain bottles now? token-of-love?!

Was Yu Ming Ye a psycho, or, what? !

“This, isn’t this nothing but the most common of white porcelain bottles?” Feng Wu’s voice was weak, so soft even she almost couldn’t hear herself, actually she felt……complicated .

She knew that Yu Ming Ye was quite an idiot, but she didn’t expect that this young man would be idiotic to this extent .

At this moment, Yu Ming Ye glared at Feng Wu displeasingly, both arrogant and complacent as he said . “How can these be an ordinary white porcelain bottles?

Where are your eyes? These are keepsakes that she set aside to pledge her love to me . This is what’s called a symbol of becoming a pair . That’s why she gave me two of them at the same time . ”

Feng Wu looked at him with… . . a difficult to describe kind of gaze, a very complicated kind of gaze in Yu Ming Ye’s direction .

There was awkwardness in her eyes, also confusion, also misgivings… . . but what’s more, there’s also pity .

Was it possible that Yu Ming Ye’s brain was damaged from her tricks at Icebound Forest? Did he know what he’d just said, nor not?

At Icebound Forest, she’s disguised as someone who’s both ugly and ordinary . If she wasn’t deceiving him, she was poisoning him . She’d expect that he’d have a nervous breakdown with all the cuts and bruises he received……in the end, this child surprisingly actually

actually told her to her face……that she was both beautiful and kindhearted and was even the goddess of goddesses in his heart . Unexpectedly, those white porcelain bottles transformed to become tokens of love? Holy mother……

Feng Wu only felt a vein pop at the edge of her forehead……if this world wasn’t going crazy, then Yu Ming Ye was crazy .

Yu Ming Ye saw how Feng Wu’s body was continually shuddering, so he looked at her with confusion, asking in puzzlement . “What’s making you tremble? Are you cold?”

“Oh, heh heh, heh heh heh……it’s so cold, cold enough to kill me . ” Her whole body’s covered in cold sweat, alright? Feng Wu awkwardly gave herself an excuse .

Yu Ming Ye still didn’t know that this young girl before him, who’s so beautiful that she made people’s blood heat up, was the ugly girl who he was looking for .

Consequently, he, who’s sensitive about how others viewed him, continued to

continued to brag and show of to Feng Wu . “My girl is both beautiful and gentle, cute and kind, indeed very unlike someone like you, whose teeth are pointed and whose mouth is sharp with a loathsome appearance to boot . Therefore, don’t you imagine that your affections are going to be reciprocated . It’s absolutely, absolutely, impossible for me to like you . ”

Feng Wu supported her forehead . “……”

If Yu Ming Ye later discover that she’s Little Fifth, and thought back to this scene……would he very much want to beat her to death? What the hell’s with this kind of illusion that she’d be beaten to death? Feng Wu supported her forehead as she looked towards the skies .

“……So, can you let me go now?” Feng Wu asked .

She was truly scared that if she continued to linger, she’d no longer be able to control her facial expression and start laughing . God knew how God knew how exhausting it was to listen to Yu Ming Ye brag about her while restraining herself .

Yu Ming Ye glared at Feng Wu . He originally wanted to wave her off, but after thinking about it a bit, he still asked . “Hey, this pointed teeth, sharp mouthed girl, what’s your name?”

“What do you want to know my name for?” Feng Wu was in a bad mood as she looked at him . “You shouldn’t be thinking of settling scores with me, right?”

“I want to know what kind of a name the girl who’s even more narcissistic than me would have . ” Yu Ming Ye rolled his eyes .

Currently, Feng Wu’s showing her real face, there also wasn’t much to hide . She also didn’t have the heart to continue to deceive this pitiful youngster . She immediately answered . “My name is Feng Wu, as in ‘Phoenix Dancing Through Nine Continents’ . ”

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