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Chapter 122: Everybody Wants To Suffocate Her?

Feng Wu's eyes nearly popped out and exploded as she clenched her teeth and made a fist. "Didn't you leave already? Why're you still standing here? !"

Just now she nearly, very very nearly, exposed, everything!

It was as if cold frost enveloped Yu Ming Ye's sharply sculptured handsome face. His forest cold eyes fixed at Feng Wu as he sneered. "Am I supposed to leave just because you tell me to? Then wouldn't I have lost all face?"

Feng Wu. "……" Such an annoying idiot, where the hell did he get released from? She truly could no longer hold herself back! argh argh argh!

"Let's count it as me begging you alright? Uncle Yu, properly take a hike, don't keep following me, alright? I mean, I won't continue to follow your lordship, alright?" Feng Wu was practically at the point of crying.

She left the alley and was going to walk in the opposite direction.

However, she hadn't taken a single step before she looked up and saw Yu Ming Ye stand in front of her.

On that blemishless face hidden in depth, anger and resentment was brewing, his gaze icy and cold, also hiding bitterness. He focused on Feng Wu and asked faintly. "…….you actually don't want to walk with me that much?"

Feng Wu squeezed out a smiling expression on her face. "It's not that I'm unwilling, rather, I can't. After all, if your goddess saw us, a misunderstanding will arise. Wouldn't that be bad? Didn't you also say that she's actually at Northern Territory City? Can it be that you want her to misunderstand?"

Yu Ming Ye finally realized that he had gone so far as to crush his own foot while trying to maneuver a rock……he also didn't know why he really wanted to get close to Feng Wu. Even though he's only walking by her side, he liked it quite a lot.

However, his mind was filled with the ugly girl's images……even he, himself, was entirely confused!

Feng Wu's complexion already turned green from restraining herself and her eyes already turned red……she quickly said. "Oh right, just now, when I passed by, I seemed to have seen Young Prince Feng's group chasing after someone. I heard them continually mention a Little Fifth, and an ugly girl, and something about Icebound Forest and Immortal Spirit Fruit…….the one they wanted to catch shouldn't be your goddess, right?"

"What? ! They already found Little Fifth? ! Where were they? !" Yu Ming Ye's attention was immediately drawn away.

Feng Wu pointed at the wrong road. "Follow this road and go straight. Keep going straight. You should be able to see Young Prince Feng and the rest of them."

Feng Wu had just finished speaking when Yu Ming Ye's figure 'whoosh' disappeared in a flash!

He finally left……Feng Wu exhaled a long, long breath. She could finally release it now!


She was generally a bit unlucky today.

Yu Ming Ye had barely taken a few steps when a taunting voice transmitted from a not so distant place. "Feng Wu, you trash. You don't properly stay at home and instead run around the city to flirt? Aren't you acting to shamefully!"

The person who's speaking was Feng Liu, that younger cousin of Feng Wu's. Fairy Mu Yao was even standing next to her.

They just saw Feng Wu speaking with a very beautiful young man, but because they were behind him, they couldn't clearly see the young man's appearance.

However, this scene was already enough for them to slander and frame Feng Wu.

Feng Wu had been wanting to fart. Turning her head, she saw Feng Liu and Fairy Mu Yao. Her complexion immediately darkened.

She didn't have time to pay attention to them and immediately turned around to leave.

It was with great difficulty that the Feng Liu and Fairy Mu Yao duo ran into Feng Wu by herself. How could they allow her to just leave so simply? At once, the two of them hemmed her in, one standing in front and the other standing behind her.

The one in front was Feng Liu. The one behind was Fairy Mu Yao. To her left was the city wall, and to her right was a moat……therefore, Feng Wu had nowhere to go.

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