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Chapter 1209
1209 The Second Broken Star Piece 3 Those men in black moved very fast . They shot out like black shadows after Feng Wu .

Hyah —

Feng Wu whipped her horse, urging it to run faster .

But the horse would never outrun those men, and they were gaining on her as she watched .

“Young lady, you’re not going anywhere . Prepare to die!”

Behind her, the head of the team smirked in an eerie voice .

His hoarse voice reminded one of a ghost, and when he laughed, the sound gave one the creeps!

“I can’t get away? Says who?”

Taking a deep breath, Feng Wu sprinted out .

Her beautiful master had taught her Phoenix Dance, which was the most advanced stance for movement known in this world .

Therefore, Feng Wu was able to pick up speed when she exerted her strength .

Behind her, the men in black seemed to know what her abilities were, so —


Even before they reached her, their long swords shot out at Feng Wu’s back like shooting arrows!

How intimidating those swords were!

What was more, the ten swords formed a hexagonal formation in midair .

The team leader smirked .

Killing Feng Wu was so easy .

He was confident that this stance would kill Feng Wu .

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In fact, the sword formation was indeed a very powerful one, and it pressed down on Feng Wu with incredible sword energy!

The air itself twisted .

The hard ground cracked .

Feng Wu looked up to see the sun blocked by the formation, and the blue sky turned grim and gray . The temperature dropped abruptly .

The ferocious sword energy smashed down on Feng Wu’s head like a giant whirlpool, as if it was going to grind her to pieces the next second .

“Xiao Wu!”

Feng Xun was so flustered that his eyes turned red .

He wanted to help Feng Wu, but these men were blocking his way with all their might .

Furious, Feng Xun had killed two men already . With bloodshot eyes, Feng Xun cut the men down as if they were vegetables . The blade slit another man’s throat open .

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Instantly, blood gushed out .

Even so, he was too late to save Feng Wu .

Right now, Feng Wu could clearly sense the terrifying power above her . The sword formation roared like a dragon, making her dizzy .

She had to stay awake!

Feng Wu knew that Feng Xun wouldn’t be able to help her and that she could only depend on herself now .

To other people, this hexagonal sword formation was mysterious and powerful, but to a formation expert like Feng Wu, something made in such haste was full of loopholes .

She stared at the third sword .

It moved slightly slower than the other swords, which created a gap in a supposedly watertight formation .

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

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A moment before the formation fell on top of her, Feng Wu moved like a streak of lightning and charged into the center of the formation .

“No —”

Feng Xun screamed .

Feng Wu was going to be cut into pieces!

The men in black sneered, thinking that they had accomplished their mission .

But —

To their surprise, the moment Feng Wu reached the center of the formation —

There was a flash of white light, and Feng Wu broke free from the formation . She even used the momentum to run further away!


The assassins, who had thought that they could wrap up for the day, eyed one another in bewilderment .

How had she gotten away?

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