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Chapter 1210: 1210
Chapter 1210 The Second Broken Star Piece 4 They had used this hexagonal formation a million times, and it had always worked!The team leader’s face darkened and he was furious!

He realized that Feng Wu was indeed a difficult target . No wonder she had been able to kill Xuanyuan Yi and trick Xuanyuan Kun!

“Catch her!”

With a whoosh, the assassins raised their swords and ran after Feng Wu .

By then, Feng Xun had finally taken care of all the five men around him . He then exerted all his might and dashed off as fast as he could .

However, Feng Wu and those men were moving so fast that even Feng Xun couldn’t catch up to them right away .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was running at an unbelievable speed .

She was running as fast as Phoenix Dance would allow her .

The assassins had been too confident in their hexagonal sword formation and had underestimated Feng Wu, which had made it possible for her to escape .


Hidden weapons were thrown at her from behind, but she was too far away for any of them to reach her .

However, these assassins had been carefully chosen for the job . They were moving very fast, and continued to gain ground .

Feng Wu panicked a little, for at this speed, they would catch up to her in less than five minutes!

What should she do now?

Feng Wu raised her head and quickly looked around .

Wait —

She saw a sea of pink up ahead in the distance .

It was Endless Peach Blossom Grove!

There was a fork in the road ahead of her . One path would lead to the grove, while the other would take her to Imperial College .

An idea struck Feng Wu, and she had a plan .

Slowly, she moved to the right, which led to Imperial College .

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The men in black saw this and knew what her plan was . The team leader gestured with his hands, instructing his men to ambush Feng Wu .

Whoosh —

When they moved in the direction of Imperial College, Feng Wu abruptly turned at the fork and headed for Endless Peach Blossom Grove .

Damn it!

The team leader, who had arranged for his men to ambush Feng Wu on the road leading to Imperial College, was infuriated!

What a scheming girl!

However, that was Endless Peach Blossom Grove, and anyone who entered without permission would be killed!

The team leader gritted his teeth . There was no time to call back the other assassins, so he mustered all his energy and dashed forward .

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

He ran twice as fast as before!

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However, he could only maintain this speed for 10 seconds, after which he would be drained of strength .

But he believed that 10 seconds was all he needed .

Meanwhile, Feng Wu was still running as fast as she could .

The grove was right ahead of her, and as soon as she entered, she would have time to make further plans .

3km, 2km, 1km —

Just then, she heard the sound of something ripping through the air . Looking back, she was shocked when she saw the team leader charging at her at a terrifying speed .


Feng Wu paled and tried to quicken her pace .

But she was already running at her fastest speed .

Whoosh —

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The grove was only 500m away, but the team leader was only 100m behind Feng Wu .

And he kept gaining on her .

Feng Wu could hear his sinister snicker…

Was she going to die here?


The man raised his sword as he leapt into the air .

The sword seemed to cut the sky open!

The clouds rolled!

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