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Chapter 1208: 1208
Chapter 1208 The Second Broken Star Piece 2 Feng Xun pulled a long face . “I’ve been going to the Wandering Temple with Boss Jun since we were little, but only Boss Jun was allowed to go in, and I had to stay outside with the little monk at the door . “And it stayed that way until two years ago, when Master Linghu finally agreed to see me, but he only said one sentence before sending me away . So, don’t put too much hope in your visit . You’ll only be shut out . ”

“Who are the people that Master Linghu agrees to meet with?” asked Feng Wu .

Feng Xun said grumpily, “I can tell you, but you’ll only get frustrated . ”

Feng Wu said, “Do tell . ”

Feng Xun said, “His Majesty, the crown prince, Mr Lu… You know, the handful of supreme cultivators . ”

If that was the case, there was a big chance that Master Linghu wouldn’t see her… So what? Feng Wu knew that she would do everything in her power to find the second broken star piece .

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu —”

Seeing that Feng Wu still wouldn’t give up, Feng Xun stomped his foot in resignation . “Fine, if you insist, I’ll go with you . Otherwise, you won’t even know where the temple’s entrance is . ”

Imperial College was in the outskirts, and Feng Xun and Feng Wu rode there as fast as their horses could take them .

Something happened when they rode past a maple tree grove!

“Watch out!”

Feng Xun suddenly cried out!

The next second, Feng Wu’s horse reared up, almost throwing her off its back .

It turned out that a string had been tied between two big trees that Feng Wu had been about to ride through .

The string was transparent and glossy in the sunlight . It was as thin as hair, but was lethal .

If Feng Wu hadn’t stopped at the last moment, her head would have been cut off .

What a malicious trap!

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No one could have seen that coming!

Before Feng Wu could react, black dots flashed through the sky like shooting stars . The next second, they were in front of Feng Wu!

Feng Xun’s pupils contracted!

There were as many as 15 men in black, and they surrounded Feng Wu and Feng Xun .

Their temples were plump[1], which was a sign that they weren’t regular assassins .

“Who are you —”

Before Feng Xun could go on, the head of those men gave the order . “Kill them!”

With a wave of his hand, five men charged af Feng Xun while the other ten rushed toward Feng Wu .

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There was a cold and murderous look in Feng Xun’s eyes .

“Xiao Wu, watch out!”

As he spoke, Feng Xun drew out his sword and charged at the men attacking him .

Feng Xun was right . These were all very capable men .

The five charging at him were the most capable ones of them all .

Instantly, sword energy filled the air and spiritual essence spread out, creating an intimidating atmosphere .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Xun glared at the assassins and was flustered .

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He couldn’t kill all five men at once, and it only made him more concerned about Feng Wu .

Feng Wu had to face ten people all by herself!

They reached Feng Wu in no time with their flashing blades and raging spiritual essence .

Countless flashes of light shot up like columns of water with a roar .


Feng Wu’s stomach lurched .

These ten people were all as capable as Xuanyuan Yi . She had confidence in defeating them one at a time, but they were attacking her together .

Feng Wu was no fool . She jumped onto her horse and took flight .

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

[1] In Chinese martial arts, those who have plump temples are said to have a lot of spiritual essence

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