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Chapter 1207
Chapter 1207 The Second Broken Star Piece 1 Feng Wu said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about . ”Looking into Feng Wu’s eyes, Feng Xun said casually, “Do you know what happened to those families that have been trying to get him impeached through the memorials to the throne?”

Feng Wu said, “It’s none of my business . ”

Feng Xun smiled . “Are you sure? If you didn’t upset him, why would Boss Jun lash out at those families?”

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

Turning around, she stared at Feng Xun with a stern look on her face . “Are you here today to tell me that?”

Seeing that Feng Wu was genuinely angry, Feng Xun was a little surprised .

With Feng Wu’s temperament, what he said shouldn’t have gotten to her, but why was she so easily agitated today?

That was because Feng Wu was still having an emotional breakdown . With what happened at the crown prince’s residence, and in the wake of her uncle’s visit, she had accumulated a lot of negative emotions . So —

Seeing the look on Feng Wu’s face, Feng Xun tried to change the subject .

“What —”

Seeing the petal in Feng Wu’s hand, Feng Xun seemed amazed . “That’s a peach blossom petal . ”

Feng Wu was speechless . “Obviously . ”

Feng Xun asked, “You’ve been to Endless Peach Blossom Grove?”

Feng Wu asked, “What’s… that?”

Feng Xun looked confused . “You don’t know? This petal comes from the Empire Peach Tree in that grove . ”

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Feng Wu was astonished .

The stone contained a similar energy to the broken star pieces, which was why Little Phoenix was so sure that it had something to do with the second broken star piece .

Feng Wu had just been trying to figure out what clue this petal could provide .

“Where is this grove?!” Feng Wu grabbed Feng Xun’s arm in excitement . Her eyes sparkled .

All her negative thoughts fled, to be replaced with excitement and eagerness .

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu in surprise, wondering why the girl looked like a different person so abruptly .

“Is this petal very important to you?” Feng Xun was confused, for he had never seen Feng Wu so excited .

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Feng Wu nodded, and there was anxiety in her eyes . “Tell me!”

Rubbing his chin, Feng Xun said, “It’s right on the hill behind Imperial College . ”

Feng Wu rose to her feet, moving so fast that Feng Xun almost didn’t have time to react .

He caught her by the arm, almost making her trip .

Feng Wu looked at him in bewilderment .

Feng Xun shook his head . “Do you think it’s a place you can just walk into? You won’t be able to get in . ”

Feng Wu was confused . “Why?”

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Feng Xun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . “That hill is where the legendary Wandering Temple is . You won’t be able to get in . ”

Feng Wu asked, “Why can’t I?”

Feng Xun asked, “Have you heard of Master Linghu of the Wandering Temple?”

Feng Wu raised her eyebrows . “As in the creator of Quling tea?”

Feng Xun said, “Yes, him . He’s an unconventional figure who’s not bound by worldly affairs, and he’s all about fate . Only those he deems worthy can get into the temple . ”

Feng Wu glanced at Feng Xun and said casually, “So, you’re saying that I’m not worthy enough to meet Master Linghu . ”

Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu . “Only a handful of people in Imperial College are deemed worthy . Boss Jun is one of them, of course . Let’s take me, for example . ”

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