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Chapter 1206: 1206
Chapter 1206 When His Royal Highness Is Angry, a Lot of People Will Die Feng Yanfeng’s face turned livid . Feng Wu smirked . “I’ll never become anyone’s concubine, not even the emperor’s, let alone a crown prince’s!”

Feng Yanfeng pointed angrily at Feng Wu . “You brat —”

Feng Wu stared coldly at him . “Uncle, if you’re so eager to earn Jun Linyuan’s favor, you’re welcome to send your own daughter to become his maid . Aren’t you worried about what I’ll do to you if you try to trick me?”

Feng Yanfeng said, “Feng Wu! His Royal Highness held you in his arms! Do you think anyone else will marry you?”

Feng Wu smirked . “It’s like what I said: I have nothing to do with Jun Linyuan and it’ll stay that way . Nothing is ever going to happen between him and me!”


Infuriated, Feng Yanfeng kicked the case .

What was he thinking? He had to be insane to expect her attitude to have improved!

Feng Yanfeng stormed off .

Glancing at Feng Wu with a malicious look in her eyes, Lady Wang smiled, then left .

That was right . She was the one who had put Feng Yanfeng up to this . She knew that with Feng Wu’s temperament, she would never agree to become a concubine . As it turned out, Lady Wang was right .

Thanks to Feng Wu’s pride, Lady Wang’s mind was settled . Otherwise, the first branch of the clan would have to follow Feng Wu’s orders when she became the crown prince’s woman . And if Feng Wu learned the truth about what happened back then…

Lady Wang was determined to sabotage the relationship between Jun Linyuan and Feng Wu . She wouldn’t let the two of them become a couple!

Feng Wu was still furious after Feng Yanfeng’s family left .

Why did everyone think that she was only good enough to be the crown prince’s concubine? Why not his official wife?

Bah! I don’t want to be his wife! I’m not interested at all!

But she was still so mad!

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Feng Wu gripped a stone in her hand, and she clenched it even tighter in her anger .

Crack —

There was a loud noise, and Feng Wu felt something crack . She looked down, before crying out in surprise .

It turned out to be the stone she had taken from Old Master Xuanyuan’s vault . She had removed ten items, but this stone was all she had now .

And she had just crushed this light yellow stone when she wasn’t paying attention .

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say .

But thanks to that, its secret was revealed .

There was a tiny peach blossom petal inside the stone .

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The light pink color reminded one of the cheeks of a shy girl, and it glowed a little .

However, how did this petal have anything to do with her broken star pieces? Feng Wu looked confused .

“What —”

Feng Wu turned in the direction of the sound .

A teenager stood there .

The lower hem of his robe flapped in the wind . Standing with his back to the light, he beamed at her, his smile even brighter than the sun .

“Feng Xun?” Feng Wu was bewildered . “Why are you here?”

Glancing at Feng Wu, Feng Xun waved his fan, sat down in a chair, and poured himself a cup of tea before downing it in one go .

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The Quling tea which Feng Wu made was so unique . There was nothing like it .

After that, he wiped his mouth and grinned . “I heard that someone upset the crown prince . So, here I am, checking on you . ”

Feng Wu snorted, but didn’t reply .

Closing his fan, Feng Xun moved closer to Feng Wu . “Hey, Xiao Wu, how did you do it?”

Feng Wu said grumpily, “What do you mean?”

Feng Xun said, “Do you know the consequences of upsetting Boss Jun?”

Feng Wu said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about . ”

Looking into Feng Wu’s eyes, Feng Xun said casually, “Do you know what happened to those families that have been trying to get him impeached through the memorials to the throne?”

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