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Chapter 1205: 1205
Chapter 1205 Untitled Feng Wu was bewildered . Feng Yanfeng even rubbed Feng Wu’s head, acting like a loving senior of the family . He then smiled at Lady Xuanji . “Sister-in-law, you’ve had a difficult time bringing up two kids all by yourself . How amazing! Xiao Wu has just made a name for herself, and I can see our clan rise again!”

The beautiful lady remained silent .

Looking around, Feng Yanfeng stared at Uncle Qiu and the others with a stern look on his face . “Take very good care of Feng Wu . If she needs anything, come and tell us . We’ll do our best to meet her needs!”

After that, Feng Yanfeng waved his hand, and some servants brought out a case and set it down in front of Feng Wu .

Feng Wu was baffled by Feng Yanfeng’s efforts to show kindness . Her uncle had always been so condescending toward her, but now…

“Xiao Wu, open it . ” Feng Yanfeng smiled at Feng Wu, looking very fatherly .

Fatherly? The word just didn’t match Feng Yanfeng…

Frowning, Feng Wu was about to decline, when Granny Zhao nudged her with her elbow .

After all, they all lived together in the same manor . If the first branch of the clan wanted to play nice, it was better than jumping at each other’s throats . There was still a very fragile Lady Xuanji living here in this courtyard now .

Feng Wu was reminded of her beautiful mother as well . Hence, she nodded and opened the case .

Dense spiritual essence filled the air as soon as the red sandalwood case was opened .

Feng Wu asked, “Are they medium-grade spiritual stones?”

Rubbing his smooth chin, Feng Yanfeng raised an eyebrow at Feng Wu . “Xiao Wu, this case of medium-grade spiritual stones are cultivation resources the clan prepared for you . Here’s the share for this month . There’ll be more next month . ”

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Both Feng Liu and Feng Sang looked jealous .

There were 100 spiritual stones here, and they were just for this month . How generous!

Feng Yanfeng expected Feng Wu to be elated and even cry with joy, but he guessed wrong .

Feng Wu had no reaction when she saw the spiritual stones; she didn’t even move a muscle .

She had seen her fair share of spiritual stones — there was a top-grade spiritual stone lode right underneath Fang Manor . A few of those would be worth more than this case of medium-grade spiritual stones . Why would Feng Wu be pleasantly surprised?

After presenting his gift, Feng Yanfeng moved to one side .

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Lady Wang stepped out and smiled at Feng Wu .

“Xiao Wu, be good to His Royal Highness . You’re a girl, so don’t get jealous . Do as you’re told and be demure . That should do the trick . ”

Feng Wu didn’t like the sound of that .

As expected, Lady Wang went on . “Of course His Royal Highness won’t have you as his official wife . Our family just isn’t good enough for that . So, be content when you’re made his concubine —”

Before Lady Wang could finish, every member of Fallen Star Yard looked offended . Feng Wu’s face darkened as well .

She knew this was going to happen —

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They were playing nice only because they saw that Jun Linyuan was familiar with her, so they thought that they could take advantage of the crown prince’s favor . They couldn’t wait to send her packing as the crown prince’s concubine .

Staring coldly at Feng Yanfeng and Lady Wang, Feng Wu asked, “Uncle, Aunt, what’s that supposed to mean?”

Feng Yanfeng frowned .

Feng Wu snorted . “I was engaged to Jun Linyuan once, then the marriage contract was annulled . You’re telling me now that you want me to become his concubine? Grow a backbone already!”

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