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Chapter 1204: 1204
1204 Untitled Feng Wu couldn’t care less about these people, and left after a glance at Feng Yiran .

Feng Liu was displeased by Feng Wu’s attitude . “Do you think you’re —”

However, Feng Yiran covered Feng Liu’s mouth before she could say anything else . “Shut up!”

Feng Liu protested behind his palm .

Feng Yiran only put his hand down after Feng Wu was gone, and glared at his sister . “Are you out of your mind?!”

Feng Liu shoved Feng Yiran away . “You’re out of your mind! Why are you sucking up to her? She’s our enemy! I want to kill —”


Feng Yiran slapped Feng Liu hard in the face .

Feng Liu stared at Feng Yiran in disbelief . “Brother —”

Feng Yiran’s face was livid, and he sounded very serious when he said, “Feng Liu, open your eyes! Feng Wu is way beyond your reach now!”

Feng Liu was dumbfounded…

Feng Wu had no idea what happened between those two after she left, and she went back to Fallen Star Yard right away .

Chaoge and the others surrounded Feng Wu as soon as she got back .

“Xiao Wu, are you all right?”

“Xiao Wu, we were so worried . ”

“Xiao Wu, how do you feel now?”

Feng Wu smiled at the familiar faces and waved her hands . “Of course I’m fine . What could possibly happen to me? See? I can jump around, and I certainly can eat a pig now . ”

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“Well…” After a pause, Chaoge asked, “Well, is the crown prince really in love with you?”

Feng Wu’s heart skipped a beat . “What?”

Chaoge hesitated . “He carried you off earlier, so everyone’s been saying that he likes you…”

The beautiful lady grabbed Feng Wu’s hands in excitement . “Is that true? Xiao Wu, is it?”

The beautiful lady had always been quite laidback, and no one had seen her so excited before .

The others all stared at Feng Wu expectantly .

Feng Xiaoqi was the only one who looked sad…

Feng Wu jumped up, as if someone had poured boiling water on her feet . “Of course not! It’s nothing like that!”

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Feng Xiaoqi’s eyes lit up . “Sister, really?”

The beautiful lady seemed disappointed . “Xiao Wu, really?”

Feng Wu said, “Really! There’s nothing going on between me and Jun Linyuan!”

Qiuling said, “But they all said…”

Feng Wu said, “Who do you believe, me or groundless rumors?!”

The others replied in unison, “You, of course . ”

Feng Wu said, “That’s it, then . Believe me when I say that I have nothing to do with Jun Linyuan . I don’t like him and he doesn’t like me either!”

The others said, “Alright…”

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Somehow, they didn’t sound very convinced .

Just then, footsteps came from outside .

Knock, knock, knock —

Someone was tapping on the door .

Granny Zhao rushed over to answer the door . Shortly after that, some familiar figures walked in .

They turned out to be —

Feng Yanfeng, Lady Wang, and their children .

Frowning and on guard, Feng Wu stared at the people in the doorway and demanded they leave . “You’re not welcome here . ”

However, Feng Yanfeng walked in with an obsequious smile before Feng Wu could say anything else .

Feng Yanfeng walked up to Feng Wu, patted her shoulder, and chuckled . “Xiao Wu, I never knew that you’re so capable . I was so worried about you . Why didn’t you tell me that you recovered your abilities? All the elders were so concerned . ”

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