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Chapter 1203: 1203
Chapter 1203 Untitled “Your Royal Highness!”Granny Gong was so upset that she was almost in tears .

“His Royal Highness was locked up in the water dungeon and endured so much just for Miss Feng Wu, but what did she do? She shoved him!”

The thought almost made Granny Gong resent Feng Wu .

Granny Gong checked Jun Linyuan’s back to find his robe wet . She touched it, and her hand came back red .

Tears welled up in her eyes . “Your Royal Highness…”

She had practically raised him herself…

The wounds on his back had been horrible to look at, and she had wrapped them herself . Now, they had torn open again .

Jun Linyuan’s face had turned livid, and the look in his eyes reminded one of a devil!

“Out!” Jun Linyuan bellowed .

“But Your Royal Highness, your wounds need to be bandaged…” Granny Gong was devastated . With all the blood and the toxins from the decaying bodies in the water dungeon, no normal human being could withstand that .

“Go away!” Jun Linyuan glared at Granny Gong .

Feng knew Jun Linyuan better than anyone else . From the rage in the teenager’s eyes, Feng could tell that he was infuriated .

Right now, the crown prince wouldn’t listen to anyone, except for maybe… Feng Wu .

At that thought, Feng had no choice but to drag Granny Gong out of the room, quietly closing the door behind them .

As soon as Feng closed the door, bang!

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It was the sound of something crashing to the floor .

Granny Gong wanted to say something, but hesitated, before she said concernedly, “Why is this happening all of a sudden? I thought the two of them had set things straight . ”

Feng shrugged . The two kids were usually very smart, but when it came to their relationship, neither of them could think straight .

“His Royal Highness went to help Miss Feng Wu before the toxins were neutralized, then he went to save her at that critical moment again… He’s still hurting from the remaining poison, but Miss Feng Wu didn’t show any gratitude!” Granny Gong complained . “How can she be so ignorant?

“What doesn’t she like about His Royal Highness? He’s the best! Why is she so irritable? Is it because he likes her too much?” Granny Gong complained .

Feng rubbed his nose . The two kids were so alike, and His Royal Highness could be so stubborn .

Feng Wu had no idea of Jun Linyuan’s injury, and she ran back home, still angry .

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She walked into the Feng manor to see Feng Liu, Feng Sang, and Feng Yiran .

Seeing Feng Wu, Feng Liu wanted to taunt her out of habit, but —

Feng Yiran stopped her this time .

Feng Wu had become someone they couldn’t afford to offend .

For one, she had demonstrated her absolute power .

After killing Xuanyuan Yi, who had reached perfection in his cultivation as a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster, Feng Wu was bound to have a promising future .

But more importantly, they had seen how the crown prince treated her .

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The scene of Jun Linyuan carrying Feng Wu off wasn’t something one could easily forget . Those who saw it almost lost their minds .

Those who didn’t know better congratulated the Feng clan right there and then for having a “true phoenix . ”

But —

Feng Yiran and his family only wanted to cry .

With the grudges they held against Feng Wu, they couldn’t wait for her to die . However, they panicked and were flustered when they realized that she might become Jun Linyuan’s woman .

“Hey, you’re back . ” Feng Yiran smiled at Feng Wu .

Frowning, Feng Wu glanced at Feng Yiran in bewilderment .

These three had never treated her like this before —

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