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Chapter 1202: 1202
Chapter 1202 Untitled The warmth in the crown prince’s eyes was gone, and the look on his face turned cold again . However, something fragile flashed in his eyes . But it disappeared so fast, before Feng Wu could notice it, and the vulnerable look was replaced with raging fire!

With the murderous look in his eyes, the teenager reminded one of a savage beast .

“That’s what you’re mad about?!”

Caressing the girl’s fair cheek with his calloused fingertip, the teenager whispered, “Do you hate our names being mentioned together that much?

“Do you hate the idea of being associated with me?” There was something cruel and ferocious in Jun Linyuan’s eyes .

It gave Feng Wu the creeps!

Feng Wu stumbled back involuntarily, but Jun Linyuan wouldn’t let go of her hand . In his contracted pupils, there was rage and misery!

No one had been able to enrage and upset him like this before!

He was a good-looking teenager, and his features were still breathtakingly exquisite even when he was angry .

The sadness and despair in his eyes was heartbreaking to see .

Even if Feng Wu had a heart of stone, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for him at that moment .

However, before she realized it, the despair in his eyes was replaced with fury .

Killing intent filled the room, as if the god of death had just descended .

Suddenly, the teenager lowered his head .

Sensing what was coming, Feng Wu involuntarily turned her head away .

However, the teenager was too fast . He pressed a hand to the back of her head and gripped her chin with the other hand .

The next second, his warm lips landed on hers .

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His kiss reminded her of a raging storm . It was so domineering that she felt an immense power coming down upon her .

Feng Wu was bewildered .

When she realized what was going on, the teenager had pried her lips open and stuck his tongue into her mouth .

He even tore Feng Wu’s robe .

The ripping sound startled Feng Wu, and she pushed at Jun Linyuan’s chest in frustration, but he wouldn’t budge .

Infuriated, Feng Wu bit his lower lip until blood oozed out from the corner of his mouth like a blooming rose . However, he still wouldn’t stop, and kissed her even harder .


Feng Wu was so furious that her eyes went red . She then slapped him .

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The crisp sound startled Jun Linyuan, as well as the two people outside the door .

Feng and Granny Gong looked at each other in bewilderment, and both were at a loss .

To enter or not to enter, that was the question .

Inside, Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan .

There was a distinctive handprint on Jun Linyuan’s cheek, and he looked baffled .

“Jun Linyuan! I don’t owe you anything now!”

Feng Wu shoved him away, then ran off .

In her furious state, Feng Wu used all her strength . Jun Linyuan stumbled back at the impact, and his lower back smashed into the corner of the table, which was made from a material even harder than dark iron .

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“Ssss —”

It was so painful that even the crown prince grunted .

Neither Feng Wu nor Jun Linyuan noticed that when Jun Linyuan smashed into the table, a peach blossom-shaped inkstone on the desk cracked . Some pale pink bubbles then rose out of the crack…

Feng Wu slammed the door behind her .

She ran past Feng and Granny Gong like a gust of wind .

Feng wanted to stop her, but when he heard the noise inside, he rushed in with Granny Gong .

The pain made Jun Linyuan break into a cold sweat . His face was streaked with sweat, and for a moment, he couldn’t stand straight .

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