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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: You Bird Scum!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk's huge right ear, as far as Feng Wu was concerned, seemed to be as big as a house.

"I may not have spirit force, but I know his weak point." Feng Wu's eyebrows rose.

"That's good!" The Flaming Cloud Hawk lowered its voice. "If you can drive him away, I won't eat you!"

Feng Wu inhaled deeply. Without cultivation, one could only be this miserable. "…………fine."

Feng Wu sat inside the Flaming Cloud Hawk's ear and told it Jun Lin Yuan's weak point. "This guy, Jun Lin Yuan, possesses heaven defying cultivation, which you have no way of defeating. Escaping is also out of the question, however, there's one method that could be used to temporarily distract him."

Thinking to this point, the corners of Feng Wu's mouth curved into a smile. "He has severe mysophobia!"

This idea was actually inspired by the Flaming Cloud

Hawk's drop of saliva.

While Feng Wu was speaking, she was leaning her head towards that black robed young man facing them.

His right hand curled into a fist, spiritual qi billowed outward, lingering around his clenched fist, which warped this area of space!

An incomparably huge spiritual force erupted between heaven and earth!

"Hurry!" Feng Wu sat inside the Flaming Cloud Hawk's right ear and shouted!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk was skeptical, but it was holding on to the last ray of hope in a desperate situation, its body rushed towards Jun Lin Yuan at high speed!

Just as both sides got ready to face off ——- ——-rumble rumble——— ——- a dense white sticky substance the Flaming Cloud Hawk glued together bubbled up like a geyser and spit at Jun Lin Yuan!

It could clearly be seen that this godly, exceptionally impressive young man's face ——— ———became ashen in an instant!

His body stiffened in a flash!

He retreated continuously, retreat, retreat, retreat——————

"Run!" Feng Wu shouted while

while sitting crossed-legged inside the bird's ear.

The Flaming Cloud Hawk also was surprised that the result would be this good!

It flew at high speed at once and dashed away!

The bird exerted all of its strength to rush out front, speed rising rapidly to its maximum!

Sitting inside its right ear, Feng Wu continually reminded it. "Go left ahead, lean at a forty-five degrees angle, speed up, faster faster faster!"

The Flaming Cloud Hawk originally looked down on Feng Wu, but just a moment ago, after their success, it unexpectedly discovered that she was surprisingly effective, that's why it subconsciously listened to Feng Wu's advice.

"Reduce your altitude! Rush forward! Increase speed!" Feng Wu clenched her fists tightly.

Ten kilometers, five kilometers, three……that waterfall over the overhanging cliff will be appearing soon!

Right at this moment, suddenly, the Flaming Cloud Hawk lifted Feng Wu out of its right ear, holding her in the palm of its talon.

Feng Wu saw the saliva drip, drip, dripping down, alarming her

alarming her as she shouted. "What are you doing?"

The Flaming Cloud Hawk lifted up its talon and directly threw Feng Wu into its own mouth!

Very much like how a person usually tossed peanuts into their mouth!

Feng Wu immediately felt disaster approaching!

This bird hadn't even escaped while still being chased to be killed and it already wanted to go back on its promise with her!

Feng Wu was so angry that she immediately fetched an incomparably hard mysterious bone fossil from her Dragon Phoenix Ring.

At the same time, her body nimbly flipped and grabbed at the Flaming Cloud Hawk's nose, and directly jumped to the space above its forehead.


A clear and loud sound!

That bird's sound!

That bird's big mouth bit on the mysterious fossil that Feng Wu abandoned. At once, its mouthful of teeth nearly fell out!

It was so upset it screamed one loud 'WAH'!

The Flaming Cloud Hawk was so angry that it cursed. "Are you human? How can you be so cunning!"

Feng Wu stood on top of the bird's head with both hands on her hips, so angry that she directly stomped her foot. "You still shamelessly say that of me! You promised not to eat me! But in the end, you swiftly went back on your word, scum, no, bird scum!"

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