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Chapter 1197: 1197
Chapter 1197 Untitled The Xuanyuan family wouldn’t have it . Many rushed toward the stage and tried to attack Feng Wu . However —Before they could reach the platform, something suddenly happened .

There was a gust of cold wind, and the Xuanyuan family seemed to freeze on the spot . They stood there, as motionless as sculptures .

“Go away!”

Jun Linyuan bellowed . The next moment, the members of the Xuanyuan family were all thrown out of Imperial College!

The crowd was speechless .

They knew that the Xuanyuan family was doomed .

Xuanyuan Kun, the backbone of the Xuanyuan family, was dead .

So was Xuanyuan Yi, the most promising youth of the family .

Instantly, everyone gave the teenage girl, who was covered in blood, strange looks .

Blood covered her from head to toe, and even her thin lips seemed to be bleeding . Standing there on bare feet in a pool of blood, she looked like a tender flower bud growing out of blood . She stood proudly in the wind, looking fragile but unrestrained .

“Thump —”

After winning the duel, Feng Wu felt completely drained . She felt like an empty hole .

The next moment, she felt backward without warning .

“Xiao Wu —”

Chaoge and Qiuling ran toward Feng Wu, ready to catch her .

However, one person moved faster than either of them, and that man was —

“His Royal Highness?!”

Everyone watched this in astonishment .

The breathtakingly beautiful crown prince moved so fast that it almost seemed inconceivable .

He pulled Feng Wu into his arms before anyone else could get to her .

Into his arms?

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What Jun Linyuan did practically frightened the audience to death .

Especially the empress dowager!

The crowd watched with their mouths wide open .

Empress Dugu and Jun Wuxia were so shocked that their jaws went slack .

The empress dowager was the most shocked of them all .

Her eyes opened so wide that they almost popped out .

“Wh- what’s going on?” She looked baffled .

Lady Northern Feng and Feng Xun were the most unperturbed of all of them .

Because they knew all along how Jun Linyuan felt about Feng Wu .

Taking Lady Northern Feng’s hand, the empress dowager stared at the stage with trembling lips . “Yaya, tell me, what’s going on?”

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Lady Northern Feng had no choice but to feign a bewildered tone . “I think His Royal Highness is just being nice . ”


Jun Linyuan wasn’t capable of “being nice . ”

However, at that moment, Jun Linyuan picked Feng Wu up in both arms . She had fainted from exhaustion, and he carried her off .

He was gone…

Those who were left behind stared at each other in bewilderment .

The crowd was speechless .

“What did I just see?”

“Did His Royal Highness carry Feng Wu away?”

“Why would His Royal Highness do that?”

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“What’s Feng Wu to His Royal Highness?”

It couldn’t be any more obvious, but no one wanted to admit the truth!

Because if it was true, a lot of girls would be so devastated that they might kill themselves .

At that thought, many turned to the empress dowager with pleading looks on their faces .

The empress dowager was as baffled as they were . More than that, however, she was furious!

“That’s impossible!” The old lady smacked the table . “The crown prince would never like a girl like that! This has to be a mistake!”

She added, “Even if the crown prince really is in love with her, I’ll never let it happen!”

Hearing that, many people heaved sighs of relief…

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