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Chapter 1198: 1198
Chapter 1198 Untitled Jun Linyuan carried Feng Wu away . He rode as fast as he could, and before long, he arrived at his own residence .

Feng and Granny Gong stood outside the front gate as usual to greet the crown prince .

Behind them were two long rows of servants and maids, whose heads were lowered as they welcomed the crown prince respectfully .

Jumping off the horse, Jun Linyuan tossed his whip to Feng, then carried Feng Wu all the way to his bedchamber .

With Feng Wu in his arms, he acted as though no one else existed in this world . He left as fast as he had arrived, like a gust of wind .

However —

The two rows of servants and maids had astonishment written all over their faces .

They knew about the interactions between the crown prince and Miss Feng Wu, but this was the first time that he had made his attitude toward her so clear .

“Miss Feng Wu…”

The crowd eyed one another in bewilderment, and didn’t know what to do .

Feng glanced at them coldly and said indifferently, “Mind your own business . ”


Once the servants were gone, Feng and Granny Gong exchanged intrigued looks .

Their crown prince finally knew how to do the right thing . How amazing .

However, the two of them might have celebrated a little too early .

Jun Linyuan carried Feng Wu into the hot spring, which was filled with mist . He used one hand to send continuous streaks of spiritual essence into Feng Wu’s body .

Feng Wu was so drained that she felt as dry as hay . However, with the help of the dense spiritual essence, she began to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye .

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It seemed forever before Feng Wu woke up in bed .

The garden outside was full of plants and the sun was warm overhead . Sunlight poured into the room through an open window, illuminating the floor .

Feng Wu’s mind was completely blank, but slowly, memories came back to her .

She remembered the battle and Xuanyuan Yi, whom she had killed with her sword .

So, she had won the duel .

Feng Wu smiled, pleased .

Luckily, Jun Linyuan had helped her with her training the night before . Otherwise, she would have been the one lying dead there .

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At that thought, Feng Wu was impressed by Jun Linyuan, and thought that she should express her gratitude to him .

When she got out of bed, Feng Wu realized in surprise that she was filled with spiritual energy to the point that it was spilling over .

How did that happen?

Feng Wu was confused .

She remembered that she had exhausted her spiritual essence after the battle with Xuanyuan Yi . It had left her worn out and with a pounding head and cramping muscles . How could she have recovered already?

Wait, she even had more spiritual essence than before . That was impossible .

Feng Wu was utterly confused . Had she been unconscious for so long that she had recovered all by herself?

“Miss Feng, you’re awake . ”

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Granny Gong showed up with four maids .

“Granny Gong?” Feng Wu remembered the old maid, who had been kind to her . “Why am I here?”

This was Jun Linyuan’s residence!

Granny Gong smiled behind her palm . “Miss Feng, can’t you remember anything at all?”

Feng Wu shook her head in confusion .

Granny Gong knew everything . As the crown prince’s great help, Granny Gong wouldn’t miss this great chance to praise her master in front of Feng Wu .

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