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Chapter 1196: 1196
Chapter 1196 Untitled It resembled a fruit with a human face!It had no hands or feet, and only had an old man’s face . It was none other than…

“It’s Old Master Xuanyuan’s soul!”

Someone cried out in the audience .

“Oh god! Why does Xuanyuan Yi have his grandfather’s soul in his body?!”

“Can someone please tell me what this is about?”

“I see! Xuanyuan Yi was able to turn things around when Feng Wu was winning because of Old Master Xuanyuan!”

“Holy crap! I thought it was supposed to be a one-on-one duel . ”

“Old Master Xuanyuan was controlling Xuanyuan Yi’s body? That can’t be fair!”

“Poor Feng Wu . She was tricked!”

Hearing the discussion, the Xuanyuan clansmen looked ashamed .

Old Master Xuanyuan’s soul glared at Jun Linyuan!

He bellowed in a shrill voice, “Jun Linyuan! Let go of me!”

The crown prince acted as if he couldn’t hear the old man .

Lowering his voice, the old man roared into Jun Linyuan’s ear, “Don’t for one minute think you can hide your secret from me . You’re in love with —”

A grim look flashed across Jun Linyuan’s handsome face .


He crushed the old man’s soul in his palm!

“No —”

Old Master Xuanyuan’s scream gradually faded into nothing .

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Everyone of the Xuanyuan clan was astonished!

They were so shocked that they almost forgot to breathe .

That was so terrifying…

The crown prince was like the god of death!

He had crushed Old Master Xuanyuan’s soul as easily as crushing an ant . After that, he turned to look at Feng Wu .

Looking at Feng Wu, who was lying in a pool of blood, Jun Linyuan was going to help her, when Feng Wu struggled to her feet and supported herself with her sword .

She waved at Jun Linyuan . “I’ll take it from here . ”

The teenage girl was covered in blood, but her limpid eyes had unswerving determination in them . She looked as fragile as she was resolute .

Jun Linyuan frowned a little, for he could sense that Feng Wu wanted to keep her distance .

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He had broken his shackles to get out of the water dungeon, only to be turned down here . Face dark, Jun Linyuan turned to leave .

He thought about leaving like this, but couldn’t bring himself to do so . Changing directions, he headed for the VIP section instead .

In the VIP section, the empress dowager no longer cared about the duel . Her Baby Jun was the only person she could see .

“My dear…”

The empress dowager had only uttered two words, before the crown prince raised a fair hand .

He then stood there with his hands behind his back, the lower hem of his clothes flapping in the wind .

There was a brooding look in his eyes as he pursed his blood-red lips like a true royal prince .

The whole time, he never looked away from the teenage girl, who was covered in blood . His hands were clenched into fists .

In the arena, Feng Wu looked coldly at Xuanyuan Yi .

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Without the old man’s help, Xuanyuan Yi swayed back and forth, as if all his strength had left him .

Feng Wu would never give him another chance .

She charged toward him like a cheetah, and the blade of her sword glinted coldly .

Whoosh —

Xuanyuan Yi’s head rolled down from his shoulders and fell to the ground…

Everyone was astonished .

They had expected that Xuanyuan Yi would lose, but they didn’t expect Feng Wu to take action so soon .

A hush fell over the crowd .

The next moment, the Xuanyuan family exploded .

“Feng Wu! How dare you kill him?!”

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