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Chapter 1195: 1195
Chapter 1195 Untitled The audience was speechless . They had been astonished more times today than in their entire lives .

Xuanyuan Yi had been winning at first, before Feng Wu turned things around . However, Xuanyuan Yi gained the upper hand again, and the whole process kept repeating itself .

They were so confused that they no longer knew what would happen next…

Because the situation had turned around too many times!

However —


Xuanyuan Yi’s fist smashed into Feng Wu’s forehead . She fell to the ground, and this time, she couldn’t get up .

How terrifying that power was!

Lying in a pool of blood, Feng Wu kept vomiting blood…

She wanted to move, but was too weak to even lift a finger .

She stared blankly at the sky .

A flock of white birds flew across the sky in a line . In the distance, the green trees were full of vigor .

Feng Wu didn’t want to die…

However, Xuanyuan Yi had taken diabolical action .

A flash shot out of his fingertip, aimed at Feng Wu’s forehead .

Feng Wu closed her eyes and despaired .

This time, she really didn’t know what to do .

Right at that moment!

A god-like figure descended from above!

He had deep-set features, a sculpted face, and beautiful eyes . However, frost seemed to cover his handsome face .

He reminded one of a formidable king who was born to rule this world .

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He was none other than —

“Jun Linyuan!”

“Oh, god! It’s His Royal Highness!”

“Why is His Royal Highness here?”

Even the empress dowager couldn’t remain seated . She stood up abruptly .

Empress Dugu, Jun Wuxia, and the others all rose to their feet in disbelief .

They watched as Jun Linyuan stood there in the arena and made a complicated hand seal with his slender, jade-like fingers .

His skin looked translucent in the sunlight and his fingers gave off a murderous energy like the sharpest blade .

“What’s His Royal Highness doing?”

“Why is His Royal Highness on stage?”

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The Xuanyuan family watched as Jun Linyuan stood next to Feng Wu, and struck at Xuanyuan Yi .

The hand seal that was as fierce as a cold blade was directed at Xuanyuan Yi . Seeing that, the members of the Xuanyuan family felt their stomachs lurch .

“I thought no one else was supposed to interfere in this duel . ”

The question was directed at the empress dowager .

The old lady had stopped Feng Xun for that reason a while ago .

However, the world underestimated how much the old lady doted on the crown prince .

Where her grandson was concerned, the empress dowager was no different from any other common old lady .

She indulged her grandson to a fault!

Hence, the empress dowager was displeased when she heard the question from Xuanyuan Yi .

“Shut your mouth!” She flared up .

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Lady Northern Feng’s mind finally calmed down at Jun Linyuan’s arrival, and she said helpfully, “I’m sure that His Royal Highness has a reason for it . ”

The empress dowager nodded in satisfaction .

Meanwhile, in the arena, Jun Linyuan swiped his slender fingers through the air .


He caught the streak of light that had shot out from Xuanyuan Yi’s finger .

Xuanyuan Yi frowned and cursed under his breath .

The next moment, that white light shot out of Jun Linyuan’s hand and headed for Xuanyuan Yi’s forehead .

Of course, Xuanyuan Yi wasn’t the real Xuanyuan Yi now . The body was controlled by Old Master Xuanyuan!


The white light shot into Xuanyuan Yi . Immediately, Jun Linyuan pulled, and something which resembled a tiny baby appeared in his hand!

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