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Chapter 1194
Chapter 1194 The Last Turnaround 2 Thump! Thump! Thump!Pfft —

Feng Wu’s fists kept landing on Xuanyuan Yi’s forehead, chest and back…

“Ahhh —”

Xuanyuan Yi kept vomiting blood and could barely stand up .

“So, is Feng Wu going to win?!”

“Xuanyuan Yi is going to die today, is that it?”

“I would never have thought…”

“Poor Xuanyuan Yi…”

“Feng Wu is so scary…”

In the VIP section, even the empress dowager couldn’t help but lean forward and clench her handkerchief, to say nothing of the members of the Zuo and Feng families . Their attention was firmly fixed on the arena .

“This Feng Wu is an interesting girl,” thought the empress dowager to herself .

She had been able to turn things around in a situation like this, which was beyond everyone’s expectations . Even the empress dowager, who had disliked Feng Wu since the beginning, had a slightly different opinion of the girl .

However, despite the audience’s confidence, Feng Wu was feeling less and less sure about herself .

Where was that strange energy?

How did it disappear so suddenly?

Did it give up on Xuanyuan Yi?

Or was this the momentary lull before a storm?


Feng Wu flipped her hand, and Flaming Sword appeared .

It was unfortunate that it was only Flaming Sword; Fallen Star Sword would have been so much more powerful!

Flaming Sword glinted as Feng Wu swung it through the air!

“Pfft —”

The sword made a humming sound!

It slashed Xuanyuan Yi’s back open from his right shoulder down to the left side of his waist!

It was such a long gash!

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The cut was so deep that one could see the muscles under the skin .

The tip of the blade even scraped the bone .

“Ahhh —”

Many people cried out in astonishment, and some girls covered their mouths involuntarily . The scene was too gory to watch .

They all thought that Xuanyuan Yi was about to be killed, but —

A strange transformation was taking place inside Xuanyuan Yi .

Old Master Xuanyuan’s eyes flickered as he said grumpily, “Hand your body over to me!”

Xuanyuan Yi was in so much pain that he wasn’t even able to cry, so he immediately said yes .

Old Master Xuanyuan said, “Close your eyes and don’t try to fight back . ”

Xuanyuan Yi nodded .

Rumble —

With a slight change in spiritual essence, Xuanyuan Yi’s grandfather took over his body .

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“Feng Wu! Die!”

Old Master Xuanyuan hated Feng Wu to the core .

He believed that the girl was the cause of everything . Jun Linyuan got angry because of her, and as a result, Old Master Xuanyuan had all his limbs cut off . Now that he had a chance to kill Feng Wu, of course he wouldn’t let it slip through his fingers .

Hence, he took the matter into his own hands, at the risk of being exposed .


As soon as the old man took over, a savage energy erupted from Xuanyuan Yi’s body!


The old man turned around and struck out with his fist .

The power was tremendous!

And it was invincible!

How terrifying!

The next moment, Feng Wu was sent flying into the air!

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Everyone was astonished!

They had thought that Xuanyuan Yi was going to die, but this spiritual essence just came out of nowhere!

If he had the ability to throw Feng Wu off, why did he hold back before?

That was so strange .

“Finally, you’re out!” Feng Wu’s eyes flickered coldly as energy poured out of her body .

“Feng Wu, you’re going to die here today!”

Controlling Xuanyuan Yi’s body, Old Master Xuanyuan acted like a savage!


He threw another punch at Feng Wu’s face!


Feng Wu was sent flying into the air again!

The audience was speechless .

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