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Chapter 1193: 1193
1193 The Last Turnaround 1 Just when everyone was convinced that Feng Wu was going to be killed —

“A Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster!”

Feng Wu was covered in spiritual essence, as if she was shielded by a strong wind .

“Oh, god! Feng Wu has become a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster!”

“Why don’t people want to admit that Feng Wu is a genius? She’s the best! She’s already a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster!”

“Look! Xuanyuan Yi hit Feng Wu!”

Rumble —

The strength of the attack that was rushing toward Feng Wu reminded her of a tidal wave!

She was doomed…

The duel really was going to be over .

Even if Feng Wu could fight like a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster now, there wasn’t much she could do…

Because Xuanyuan Yi’s power was too domineering!


To everyone’s disbelief —

At the last moment, the energy that had been aimed at Feng Wu did an impossible U-turn and rushed toward Xuanyuan Yi .

Feng Wu was unscathed!

Xuanyuan Yi’s face turned livid!

What was going on?

Xuanyuan Yi was the person who had initiated the attack, but why did it turn on him?

Xuanyuan Yi tried to control the power, but realized that he could no longer do so .

How could this be?!

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Xuanyuan Yi was flustered and at a loss .


A cold voice rang out in Xuanyuan Yi’s head .

Xuanyuan Yi felt a numbing sensation in his scalp and shuddered, but he calmed down right after that .

The voice belonged to none other than Old Master Xuanyuan, who had all four of his limbs cut off by Jun Linyuan .

It turned out that the old man realized that he didn’t have much longer to live, so he condensed his cultivation achievement into a soul ball which Xuanyuan Yi then put inside himself .

As long as Xuanyuan Yi didn’t refine the ball, his grandfather’s soul would stay with him .

The old man had remained silent earlier, for Xuanyuan Yi’s life hadn’t been in danger . However, at the last moment —

He never expected a girl like Feng Wu to fight like a Level 9 Spiritual Grandmaster!

She didn’t seem like a Year 1 student at all!

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In order to keep Xuanyuan Yi alive, the old man began to instruct him secretly .

This wasn’t right!

With her acute senses, Feng Wu was able to detect another type of energy inside Xuanyuan Yi, which was what was directing him now .

The stance which Feng Wu used just then was called “An Eye for An Eye,” which was part of Flying Dragon .

It bounced Xuanyuan Yi’s attack right back at him .

Without hesitation, Feng Wu closed in on him .

At the old man’s instruction, Xuanyuan Yi dodged with great precision .

For a moment, the atmosphere in the arena was very tense!

Everyone stared at the two people on the platform, not daring to look away for a split second .

Because they could see that the duel was almost over .

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Feng Wu was finally catching up to Xuanyuan Yi!

The next moment, she shot up into the air, and spiritual essence rained down on Xuanyuan Yi like a downpour!


Feng Wu threw punches at Xuanyuan Yi with all her might!

“Ahhh —”

Xuanyuan Yi cried out in pain .


Feng Wu kept hitting him and didn’t try to hide her killing intent at all!

She had an inkling that if she didn’t kill Xuanyuan Yi now, she would be giving him an opportunity to kill her later!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

As her punches landed, a storm seemed to sweep across the arena!

Spiritual essence filled the air, and made a lot of people feel suffocated!

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