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Chapter 1190: 1190
Chapter 1190 Untitled “Xuanyuan Yi is insane…”“Feng Wu is so dead…”

Instantly, everyone gazed at Feng Wu with sympathetic looks in their eyes .

Talk about every dog getting its day .

And all the cards which Xuanyuan Yi had up his sleeve…

How many more secrets did he have?

“Feng Wu! Die!”

Just then, formidable spiritual energy erupted from Xuanyuan Yi, and there was a murderous look in his eyes!

He exploded with a strange energy!

Instead of using a sword, he pointed at Feng Wu with his finger .

Instantly, the space in front of Feng Wu twisted .

How savage!

Feng Wu felt fear that she had never felt before .

She immediately retreated .

But the energy from Xuanyuan Yi’s finger followed her everywhere!


Feng Wu dodged the first and second strikes, but couldn’t get away from the third .

Whoosh —

With a white flash, the streak of energy aimed at Feng Wu’s eye scraped against her cheek .

It cut her cheek open .

Feng Wu touched her face, and her hand came back bloody .

The audience cried out in surprise as well .

Luckily, Feng Wu had dodged in time . If she had moved any slower, she would have lost an eye!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Xuanyuan Yi’s finger followed Feng Wu however she turned . She kept losing ground and was in an awkward predicament .

She narrowly escaped several times . The direct attacks missed her and she got away with just scratches .

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The audience who had been sitting rose to their feet, and those who had been standing were on tiptoe .

Everyone was so nervous and on edge .

“Is Feng Wu going to die?”

“Why is Xuanyuan Yi suddenly so powerful?!”

“Who’s going to live and who’s going to die?”

Some of the audience didn’t really care who lost or won . They were only here for the atmosphere .

However, as events unfolded, they experienced a gamut of emotions, and were utterly intrigued . They now desperately wanted to know how this duel would end .

Everyone was so curious about exactly what kind of change had taken place in Xuanyuan Yi’s body…

So was Feng Wu!

She had never expected Xuanyuan Yi, whom she had almost defeated, to rise again and fight like a junior Spiritual Elder!

How frustrating!


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Xuanyuan Yi’s finger came down from above and jabbed Feng Wu in the back .

“Argh —” Feng Wu cried out in surprise and fell forward despite herself .


There was a bloody hole in her back!

It was made by Xuanyuan Yi’s finger!

With a malicious grin, Xuanyuan Yi said, “Feng Wu, go to hell!”

As he spoke, he raised a leg and stepped down hard on Feng Wu’s back!

Pfft —

Feng Wu was already in pain from her injuries, and the foot on her back only made her dizzy . She spat out a mouthful of blood which she had been trying to keep down, spraying the air with a bloody mist .

“Ahhh —”

Everyone cried out in astonishment!

Feng Wu was going to be stomped to death!

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Xuanyuan Yi ground his foot, as if it contained enough power to crush heaven and earth .

Crack —

It was the sound of bones breaking!

The sound was so creepy and bloodcurdling!

Pfft —

Feng Wu spat out another mouthful of blood .

“Xiao Wu!”

Chaoge turned pale . Clenching her fists, she tried to jump into the arena . However, the platform seemed to be surrounded by an invisible shield, and no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get in!

“Feng Wu, hang in there… may God favor you…”

Gongsun Qing, whose life Feng Wu had once saved, pressed her hands together and mumbled to herself .

“Feng Wu, hang in there! Hang in there!”

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