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Chapter 1189: 1189
Chapter 1189 Untitled As much as they hated to admit it, it was clear that Xuanyuan Yi was going to die… He was going to be defeated by Feng Wu, the so-called good-for-nothing…However, Feng Wu had never let her guard down even once .

She would stay vigilant as long as Xuanyuan Yi was alive .

It seemed that Xuanyuan Yi only had moments to live, when —

“Damn it!” He stared at Feng Wu . “Do you think you can frighten me?!”

Feng Wu smiled . “I don’t care if you’re frightened or not . I’m going to kill you today!”

Xuanyuan Yi smirked . “You want to kill me? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!”

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and unleashed a streak of cold spiritual essence!

The terrifying fluctuation spread out from Xuanyuan Yi toward Feng Wu, moving so fast that she had no time to react!


Feng Wu’s stomach lurched when she sensed the intimidating energy .

How frightening that spiritual essence was!

And that pressure was so scary!

Xuanyuan Yi no longer felt like a Spiritual Grandmaster anymore, but a Spiritual Elder!

How did that happen?!

Feng Wu frowned, and her face darkened!

She had expected that Xuanyuan Yi would have something up his sleeve, but this was much bigger than she thought!

Just then —

Someone cried out in surprise . “Hey! Check out the billboard!”


Instantly, all eyes were on the billboard!

The rankings on the billboard changed rapidly as they watched!

The previous changes were already very drastic, but now —

Xuanyuan Yi’s name was still moving upward!



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Rong Shixin and Si Yuan’s pupils contracted!

They had thought that the two of them would be the last people affected by this fight today, for they were 1st and 2nd on the billboard!

And they had been there for a very long time .

It had been seven or eight years since anyone was able to challenge their positions .

But now —

Xuanyuan Yi had suddenly become 5th on the billboard!

No, he was still rising!

How was that even possible?

That was crazy!

The scarier thing was that Xuanyuan Yi was steadily making his way up the list .

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“No!” Si Yuan cried in astonishment!

“This isn’t happening!”

Si Yuan had been quite confident before this, but he had just taken a heavy blow .

Standing ramrod straight, Rong Shixin prayed inwardly . “Please stop . Stop right now . ”

But the system didn’t seem to hear his prayer, because —

After surpassing Si Yuan, Xuanyuan Yi made it to the top of the billboard!


The billboard itself shook violently at that moment .


“Holy crap! That can’t be true!”

“Oh, god! Shit!”

“Xuanyuan Yi is 1st now!”

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“What should Feng Wu do?!”

Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu, for Xuanyuan Yi’s abrupt rise in ranking was so scary!

It made the fight that had happened so far look like child’s play!

“If Xuanyuan Yi can do that, why didn’t he do so right at the beginning?”

“Feng Wu would never have stood a chance if Xuanyuan Yi had fought like this earlier!”

“That’s right . He wouldn’t have lost an eye if he had been like this all along!”

Exactly what was going on?

Everyone was baffled!

“How frightening!”

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