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Chapter 1191: 1191
Chapter 1191 Untitled Jin Yuntao and his two friends were praying for Feng Wu as well . Xuanyuan Yi didn’t immediately kill Feng Wu, for he enjoyed the process of slowly torturing and humiliating his enemy . He wanted to crush her bit by bit .

By then, blood was gushing out of Feng Wu’s mouth and had gathered around her head . Her clothes were stained completely red…

Fresh blood was streaming out of her body and she looked like she was taking a blood bath . It was a ghastly sight .

“Feng Wu, stand up! Stand up!”

“Feng Wu, don’t give in . You can do this!”

“Feng Wu, hang in there!”

Numerous people cried out all at once, calling Feng Wu’s name .

The only thing Feng Wu could feel was how dizzy she was . Her vision went dark and she could see stars .

And she could hear people calling her name .

Gradually, Feng Wu regained consciousness .

She opened her eyes with much difficulty, before narrowing them again .

When she really thought about it, Feng Wu immediately saw why the whole thing seemed so odd .

There was no way that Xuanyuan Yi could have made so much progress in such a short time . This power came completely out of nowhere, and —

Previously, Xuanyuan Yi would have killed her without hesitation when he got the chance, but now, he was humiliating her the way a cat played with a rat .


He jabbed his finger into Feng Wu’s back again, making her shudder . She felt as if an electric current was running through her, and she teared up at the pain .

No… she couldn’t let him do this to her . She would die!

The greatest thing about Feng Wu was that the more critical a situation she was in, the calmer she became .

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But —

Her calm wouldn’t help her now .

Xuanyuan Yi raised a leg and kicked Feng Wu away!


Feng Wu was kicked into the air before she fell back down to create a human-shaped crater in the ground .

It hurt…

Feng Wu vomited more blood, feeling like she was in pieces . Every bit of her body hurt, and she could hardly breathe .

It seemed to be a hopeless situation for her…

And it reminded her of when the Zuo family destroyed her True Phoenix Blood .

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At that moment, Feng Wu recalled the Zuo family and Zuo Qingluan and her hatred of them, as well as her beautiful master, and even Jun Linyuan —

I can’t die here!

She decided that she had to live, no matter how impossible it seemed!

Xuanyuan Yi started marching toward Feng Wu . Seeing that, everyone held their breaths for Feng Wu, who was in such pain that she could barely breathe .

All of a sudden —

Feng Wu seemed to reach an epiphany, as she saw through life and death . The next moment, she felt the spiritual essence around her grow thicker, before it poured into her body…

That was —

“Is she making a breakthrough?!” Xuanyuan Yi sounded amazed .

But he didn’t think much of it . Even if Feng Wu made a breakthrough, she would only be a Level 8 Spiritual Grandmaster . Compared with him, a junior Spiritual Elder, she was nothing .

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However, the audience was utterly amazed .

“This is spectacular!”

“Who would have thought that after Xuanyuan Yi, Feng Wu would make a breakthrough as well… Now they’re even . Let’s see who’s going to win . ”

However, Xuanyuan Yi only smirked . “Feng Wu, do you think that a breakthrough will solve your problem? I’m telling you: No way!”

As Xuanyuan Yi spoke, a long sword appeared in his hand .


“I hereby announce that I, Xuanyuan Yi, will kill Feng Wu here in this arena today!”

Saying those words in his mind, Xuanyuan Yi attacked .

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