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Chapter 1188: 1188
Chapter 1188 Untitled How was that even possible?!He was so much more powerful than Feng Wu since she was two levels below him . How could Feng Wu overpower him like this?

But this formation was so terrifying!

The stones seemed to be as numerous as the stars, and he couldn’t tell where they came from! There was no pattern to it at all!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Xuanyuan Yi dodged as quickly as he could . However, every time he thought he would make it, he would be hit by another stone!

They were hitting him on his legs, body, chest, head —

The stones were flying at him at impossible angles, and in the slyest way . They seemed to be targeting his most intimate parts!

They were on a stage!

Xuanyuan Yi was so mad that he wanted to tear Feng Wu into pieces!

However, the angrier he got, the more flustered he became, which only made him clumsy and more prone to getting hit .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Xuanyuan Yi swore that his body was bruised all over!

There probably wasn’t any uninjured part left on his body!

But Feng Wu was still closing in on him .

There was nowhere for Xuanyuan Yi to hide, and he was soon covered in blood .

“Ahhh —”

Xuanyuan Yi grunted in pain .

Stones fell like a downpour, and they were getting more accurate at hitting their target . Thump, thump, thump —

In the end, Xuanyuan Yi could barely stand up .

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He knew that he was going to die if this went on .

In the audience —

Everyone watched with open mouths!

“Feng Wu… she’s able to force Xuanyuan Yi into a corner like this!”

“What’s that stance? How can it be so awesome?!”

“If I’m not mistaken, that’s Flying Dragon, Mr Fang’s famous move, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t know that Grand Secretary Fang taught her his most famous stance . He must see great potential in her . ”

“Poor Xuanyuan Yi… As powerful as he is, he’s still inferior to Feng Wu . ”

“Xuanyuan Yi proposed this duel with Feng Wu himself, but now, he’s losing . Talk about digging one’s own grave…”

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Everyone in the audience was talking excitedly .

Many in the VIP section were watching with wide, astonished eyes .

The people of the Xuanyuan family frowned nervously .

Many of the Feng clan frowned as well, such as Lady Wang and her children .

Gritting her teeth, Lady Wang exchanged anxious looks with her children .

How could Feng Wu be winning? She didn’t deserve to!

“How can she be…” Lady Wang was so mad that she almost bit her tongue .

Feng Liu clenched her fists .

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What an awful day!

“Why won’t Feng Wu die?!”

At the center of the VIP section, the empress dowager stared at Feng Wu with a brooding look in her eyes . She seemed to be lost in thought .

Feng Xun grinned . “Your Majesty, it seems that you’re going to lose the bet . ”

The empress dowager rolled her eyes at Feng Xun, then snorted . “Just admit it . Are you the reason that she made all this progress?”

Feng Xun shook his head . “That was Grand Secretary Fang’s work, not to mention that the c- I mean, the princess is a talented and hardworking girl . Why are you so surprised that she’ll defeat Xuanyuan Yi?”

He had almost exposed Boss Jun . Judging by the old lady’s attitude, if she knew about the help Boss Jun gave Feng Wu the night before, she would be so mad that she would probably have Feng Wu killed .

In the arena, Feng Wu was still gaining ground . Xuanyuan Yi kept falling back, and was on the verge of losing .

Xuanyuan Yi’s life was quickly being depleted, as if it was going down a drain .

50%, 40%, 30%…

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