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Chapter 1187
1187 Untitled “How dare you destroy my eye?! Die!” Holding his sword, Xuanyuan Yi charged at Feng Wu .

Feng Wu turned to run .

With Xuanyuan Yi chasing her, Feng Wu ran as fast as she could .

“Are you trying to run away from me? In your dreams!” Xuanyuan Yi smirked, and a terrifying force erupted from inside him!


The sword left his hand as it shot out at the back of Feng Wu’s head at a tremendous speed!

The crowd watched as the sword was about to reach Feng Wu!


A stone flew out of nowhere again, hitting the blade .

The impact caused the sword to veer slightly .

Seizing the opportunity, Feng Wu leapt and stepped onto the blade .

The next second, another stone came out of nowhere, shooting at Xuanyuan Yi’s other eye .

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

Thud! Thud!

Three stones, six stones, nine stones —

More stones flew at Xuanyuan Yi in a neverending stream!

It was Flying Dragon, the stance that Feng Wu had practiced the entire night .

And the stance had been improved by Jun Linyuan himself .

Moreover, Feng Wu had added a formation skill to it .

It was no longer the original Flying Dragon, but an enhanced version .

Xuanyuan Yi, who had been winning before this, was cornered by Feng Wu’s Flying Dragon Formation, and kept getting hit .

The audience was rendered speechless .

“No way!”

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“Oh my god!”

“What happened?”

“What’s going on?”

Everyone found it hard to believe, for just a moment ago, Xuanyuan Yi had been winning!

He had stabbed Feng Wu in the chest with his sword, and she was bleeding out . She could barely stand up .

How could she have turned things around in her state?

No! They simply wouldn’t believe it!

“This Feng Wu…” Even the empress dowager, who had been convinced that Feng Wu was going to lose, opened her eyes wide and watched in disbelief!

All the members of the Feng family kept their unblinking gazes on Feng Wu!

Even Feng Yanfeng clenched his fists in excitement, not to mention Lady Wang —

Fallen Star Swordplay!

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Phoenix Dance!

And now this Flying Dragon Formation!

He hadn’t expected Feng Wu to know so much . This girl was a family treasure!

Feng Yanfeng made up his mind, and decided that once this was over, he would make Feng Wu hand out all those things .

“Check out the billboard!”

Immediately, everyone looked at the billboard!

Because the ranking was the most direct reflection of their capabilities!


“Just by looking at the two of them… you would never have known!”

Everyone had thought that these two people would be very lucky if they could make it into the top 100 .

But they had reached that goal a long time ago already .

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They had also made it into the top 50 .

Then the top 20 .

“Feng Wu is in the top 10 now!”

“So is Xuanyuan Yi!”

“Oh god!”

Chao Yue was dumbfounded .

He had thought that he was safe, being 15th and all . The last thing he expected was for Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi to both make it into the top 10 .

By now, Chao Yue had already fallen to 17th place .

“They’re lunatics!”

Clenching his fists, Chao Yue didn’t know how to describe these two people .

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yi was losing ground to Feng Wu .

He stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

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