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Chapter 1186: 1186
Chapter 1186 Untitled The empress dowager was right . Feng Xun had helped Feng Wu once, and another go would be inappropriate . But —

In the arena, the power Xuanyuan Yi exerted after his breakthrough was terrifying!

Leaping up, he aimed at Feng Wu’s back, then kicked!


Feng Wu was already on the verge of falling . In that instant, her body flew forward despite herself .

Whoosh —


Feng Wu fell to the ground on the edge of the platform .

“Damn you!”

Chaoge and Qiuling were so angry that their eyes were bloodshot red .

Xuanyuan Yi was more than capable of kicking Feng Wu down from the platform . That way, Feng Wu would lose, but she would live .

He had obviously done it on purpose!

He had made sure that Feng Wu landed on the edge of the platform, just to torment her .

Everyone could tell, for Xuanyuan Yi didn’t try to hide his intention at all .

However, no one could get up on stage and help Feng Wu!

Feng Wu fell to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood which was so thick that it almost seemed solid .

Xuanyuan Yi charged at Feng Wu when she spat out the blood . He jumped up, then swung down with his long sword .

Right now, with the murderous energy around him, he reminded one of the god of death .

Even the sky seemed to darken .

The light dimmed and the pressure was so heavy that it was hard to breathe!


The audience kept crying out .

Feng Wu had done an amazing job today, and was every bit the genius she was supposed to be . It would be such a shame if she was killed like this .

But the duel was between Feng Wu and Xuanyuan Yi . With Feng Wu losing ground, Xuanyuan Yi got to decide if she lived or died .


Xuanyuan Yi sneered .

The clouds seemed to turn darker, as if the sky was wailing for Feng Wu .

Xuanyuan Yi showed no mercy .

The sword in his hands made a shrill sound as it absorbed spiritual essence at an unbelievable speed .


Terrifying spiritual essence spread out from Xuanyuan Yi before he injected it into his sword .

The blade hacked down at Feng Wu’s forehead .

He was so aggressive!

And he looked unstoppable!


Many cried out and couldn’t believe what was going on!

Was Feng Wu going to die?

Was the genius girl really going to die?

At that critical moment!


All of a sudden!

A stone flew in out of nowhere and smashed into Xuanyuan Yi’s eye!

It was so out of the blue .

And at an impossible angle!

Caught off guard, Xuanyuan Yi was hit in the eye .


Xuanyuan Yi was surprised, and he bellowed at the top of his lungs!

The stone made a big bloody hole in his face where his eye used to be . Blood gushed out .

It hurt…

Xuanyuan Yi almost passed out from the pain .

Seizing the opportunity, Feng Wu scrambled to her feet . Even so, blood was still flowing from her chest wound .

Almost everyone was astonished by the sudden change .

“Oh god, Xuanyuan Yi’s eye is bleeding!”

“What was that?”

“How did Xuanyuan Yi lose an eye?”

Most people shook their heads in bewilderment .

But Feng Wu’s people knew, and they were pleasantly surprised!

It was Flying Dragon!

That was the stance Feng Wu had used!

Feng Wu had exhausted her spiritual essence the night before and had almost died in order to master this stance .

Xuanyuan Yi was as fierce as ever . After pressing some pressure points to stop the bleeding, he opened his remaining eye . The look in it was as sharp as a blade, and he exploded with ferocious spiritual energy!

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