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Chapter 1182: 1182
Chapter 1182 Untitled The energy contained in the robe charged at Xuanyuan Yi as he struck down with the vine again . Rumble!

There was a loud sound!

Xuanyuan Yi felt as if his blood was boiling, and heat rose up inside him . The thunder energy that he had finally been able to suppress erupted once again!

He could taste blood in his mouth .

No, I can’t let it show!

Xuanyuan Yi forced himself to swallow the blood back down .

With how smart Feng Wu was, she had realized what Feng Xun’s plan was when he threw the robe at her .

She smiled a little when she saw the strange look on Xuanyuan Yi’s face .

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

A dagger appeared in Feng Wu’s hand, and she struck at Xuanyuan Yi’s right hand!

It was none other than the dagger known as Purple Sun!

Feng Xun had given her the dagger as a gift, and according to him, the dagger was from Jun Linyuan .

The dagger was so sharp that if one were to blow a strand of hair at the blade, the hair would be cut in half right away!

Xuanyuan Yi had a very tough defense system that wouldn’t break that easily . Normal daggers wouldn’t even leave a dent on his skin .


This was Purple Sun!

Xuanyuan Yi was using all his might to suppress the thunder energy that Feng Xun had stirred up, and was caught off guard .


Feng Wu showed up behind him like a ghost, then jumped away as soon as her attack succeeded .

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Xuanyuan Yi stared at his right palm in disbelief!

A chunk of flesh was missing!


“Where’s my vine?” After the initial shock, Xuanyuan Yi was furious!

Looking up, he stared at Feng Wu in disbelief!

Just then, Feng Wu had dug the vine out of his palm with a dagger, the root included!

Blood gushed out of Xuanyuan Yi’s palm!

His face turned livid!

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Meanwhile, the audience was watching this in disbelief!

They couldn’t understand how Feng Wu had been able to do that!

It was so scary!

However, the empress dowager gave Feng Xun a stern look .

Rubbing his chin, Feng Xun smiled awkwardly .

“You sure threw her that robe in time . ” The empress dowager snorted .

Feng Xun played dumb . “Your Majesty, I can’t have her bare her back in public, can I? After all, she’s my sister . ”

The empress dowager smirked . “Not just the robe, right? Am I mistaken, or is that the crown prince’s dagger?”

Feng Wu had the crown prince’s dagger?!

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Empress Dugu and Jun Wuxia exchanged looks, and their hearts raced!

Feng Xun rubbed his chin with a wry smile . He could tell that the empress dowager was probing with that question .

It seems that Her Majesty doesn’t want Boss Jun to have anything to do with little Feng Wu at all . Poor Boss Jun . He has such a long way to go before he can get the girl, and that’s going to be a tough journey .

Feng Xun smiled wryly . “Boss Jun gave Purple Sun to me a long time ago . Since they’re going to fight to the death, and little Feng Wu is my sister, I thought that it was alright for me to give her that dagger for her own protection . ”

There was nothing wrong with that, but the empress dowager still didn’t like it!

She pouted a little . “You people are all taking Feng Wu’s side!”

Feng Xun chuckled . “Your Majesty, we only learned from you, because you always cover for those whom you’re close to . Little Feng Wu is my sister; of course I’ll take her side!”

The empress dowager snorted . “Issuing that imperial edict was the worst decision of my life!”

As for which edict she was referring to, everyone here had a perfectly good idea .

Feng Xun knew that a good impression couldn’t be created overnight . They had all the time in the world, and he wasn’t in any rush .

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