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Published at 26th of October 2020 03:00:05 PM
Chapter 1181: 1181
Chapter 1181 Untitled Xuanyuan Yi was going to kill Feng Wu in the arena with the remaining eight strikes . “Smash!” The vine made another cracking sound .

Feng Wu had neutralized the toxin by then, and she swiftly moved out of the way . The vine ended up hitting empty air .

“Feng Wu! Die!”

The vine suddenly split into three, and attacked Feng Wu from three directions!

“Is that even possible?!”

The audience watched with open mouths and cried out in astonishment .

Many people began to steal glances at the billboard!

Xuanyuan Yi had risen to 50th place already . However, after he devoured the thunder energy and demonstrated the real secret of the vine, his ranking rose again!

40th… 30th… 20th!

“Oh god! Xuanyuan Yi is 20th already! 20th!”

Meanwhile, Rong Shixin and Si Yuan, who were sitting in the audience, exchanged astonished looks!

The top 20 Year 1 students were seated in the front row .

All 20 of them were seniors .

They had only been onlookers at first, but little did they know how stressful the battle would turn out to be…

Right now, all eyes were on the person ranked 21st .

His name was Ding Cheng .

Another student teased him . “Ding Cheng, you’ve dropped to 21st place . ”

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The person who had spoken was Chao Yue, who was ranked 15th .

Clenching his fists, Ding Cheng snorted with a grim look on his face . “Chao Yue, don’t be so quick to smile . Before you know it, Xuanyuan Yi’s name will be above yours . ”

Chao Yue didn’t think much of it . “I think Xuanyuan Yi has given it all he got to get to 20th place . It’ll be very difficult for him to go higher than that . You know how difficult it is to move up the billboard once we’ve reached the level we’re at now . ”

Ding Cheng snorted . “I guess we’ll wait and see . ”

Rong Shixin and Si Yuan shook their heads . Chao Yue was only 15th, and they weren’t all that confident in him .

“Feng Wu! Where’s Feng Wu’s name? Maybe she can even make it into the top 20 . ”

Everyone started looking for Feng Wu’s name .

They looked all the way up the list, and finally saw Feng Wu’s name . She was 58th!

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“Wow —”

Many cried out in surprise .

They hadn’t expected Feng Wu to reach 58th place just like that!

“This Feng Wu sure knows how to make her mark at the first go!”

“Too bad Xuanyuan Yi is still winning . Plus, judging by the way he’s fighting, he’s decided to kill Feng Wu!”

In the arena —

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Xuanyuan Yi waved his vine like a whip, smashing it down at Feng Wu . Spiritual essence surged like a tidal wave!

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Feng Wu quickly dodged as she ran around with Phoenix Dance .

But however nimble Feng Wu was, she would still be whipped every now and then .

This Xuanyuan Yi was abominable!

Each time, the thorns on the vine would tear a piece of Feng Wu’s clothes away . A while later, Feng Wu’s back was almost bare!

Feng Xun frowned and blue veins popped on his forehead .

If Boss Jun knew about this, killing all the people in the Xuanyuan family wouldn’t be enough to vent his anger .

But the empress dowager stopped Feng Xun . “Stop right there! You’re not going up to that platform . It’s against the rules!”

Feng Xun knew that the old lady was right, but —

Removing his robe, Feng Xun threw it into the arena while he called out Feng Wu’s name . “Catch!”

Using the robe as cover, Feng Xun sent a blast of energy at Xuanyuan Yi!

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