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Published at 28th of October 2020 03:05:08 AM
Chapter 1183
Chapter 1183 Untitled “Look, Your Majesty, Xiao Wu dug that vine out . Hahaha, Xuanyuan Yi looks so baffled!”He was telling the truth . Xuanyuan Yi was staring at Feng Wu, looking astonished . “You must have a death wish!”

What infuriated Xuanyuan Yi even more was that Feng Wu hadn’t just taken the vine, she had done more than that!

Somehow, she was able to plant the vine in her right palm!

It only took Feng Wu a second to gain full control of that vine!

Feng Wu smirked . “Do you remember how you swaggered around in front of me with this vine? Well, you’re going to know what ‘an eye for an eye’ means!”

Holding the vine, Feng Wu aimed at Xuanyuan Yi, then started her attack, using “18 Vine Strikes”!

When everyone saw Feng Wu’s attack…

They almost went insane!

“Oh, god! Isn’t that the ’18 Vine Strikes’ that Xuanyuan Yi used just then?”

“Feng Wu took Xuanyuan Yi’s vine away, and is now using it against him?!”

“That’s what that ‘an eye for an eye’ was about! That’s just…”

Everyone in the audience and the VIP section couldn’t keep their eyes away from Feng Wu’s right palm!

Xuanyuan Yu frowned .

How was that even possible?!

18 Vine Strikes contained a lot of complicated moves that one couldn’t master with just a look, but Feng Wu was doing exactly that!

How was that even possible?!

No one could answer that question except Feng Wu . What they did know was that things weren’t looking good for Xuanyuan Yi at all!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Feng Wu chased after him!

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With her Phoenix Dance, Feng Wu moved at a tremendous speed!


With a cracking sound, the vine hit Xuanyuan Yi across the back like a whip!

“Argh —” Xuanyuan Yi grunted, sounding furious .

Feng Wu smirked . “How did that feel? Unforgettable, isn’t it?”

Xuanyuan Yi turned around and glared at Feng Wu with bloodshot eyes!

He decided that he would never forgive her for taking his vine and whipping him!

Feng Wu smiled . “I’m not done yet . ”

Xuanyuan Yi had no choice but to keep running!

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He roared inwardly as he ran!

He couldn’t understand how Feng Wu was able to make use of the vine right after she took it away from him, let alone learn the 18 Vine Strikes .

As a matter of fact, Feng Wu hadn’t known that she could plant the vine in her palm at first; it was Little Phoenix who told her how to do it .

Little Phoenix had been with Feng Wu’s beautiful master much longer than Feng Wu had . There were things that only Little Phoenix could remember .

As for how Feng Wu learned the 18 Vine Strikes, she had always been a quick learner who could learn a move after seeing it just once, thanks to the training her beautiful master gave her .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The vine hit Xuanyuan Yi across the back, and blood splashed everywhere .

The vine could make a person dizzy, but once Feng Wu had it, the vine could do much more than that .

“You poisoned the vine?!” Turning around, Xuanyuan Yi glared at Feng Wu with bloodshot eyes .

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Feng Wu said matter-of-factly, “Yes, I did . So what?”

“Damn you!”


Feng Wu hit him again .

The audience wasl dumbfounded .

They were a little speechless, for Feng Wu had gained the upper hand again . The situation kept changing, and they could no longer tell who was stronger .

It was still too early to say for sure .

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