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Chapter 1175: 1175
Chapter 1175 Look at Feng Wu“s Ranking! The empress dowager had tried to set Jun Linyuan up with girls before, but the crown prince was able to stop all her attempts with a single glare . Hence, the empress dowager had to make do with the second best option, and kept introducing young women to Feng Xun, so much so that Feng Xun had stopped going to court .

The empress dowager threw a dirty look at Feng Xun . “You’re so going to lose . ”

Holding the empress dowager’s arm, Feng Xun said, “That means that Your Majesty will get to introduce me to as many girls as you want when I lose . Doesn’t that sound nice?”

The empress dowager jabbed his forehead with a finger . “You mean it?”

Feng Xun nodded immediately . “Yes, of course, I’m very serious . ”

The empress dowager was very confident . “Sure . I’ll bet with that . ”

The empress dowager believed that Feng Wu was definitely going to lose, and that there was no other possibility .

In the arena —

Xuanyuan Yi frowned after the first strike .

He said, “That was a surprise . I didn’t think you would actually withstand that . ”

Feng Wu gave him a half-smile . “I’m more than that . I can defeat you . ”

Xuanyuan Yi smirked . “How arrogant!”

Feng Wu said, “I like to call it being confident!”

Xuanyuan Yi didn’t say another word . Turning the sword in his hand, he sent a violent blast wave at Feng Wu!

It had such dense power that it twisted the air in front of Feng Wu!

Feng Wu gradually fell back, while Xuanyuan Yi moved closer .


Sword energy rained down and smashed Feng Wu in the back!

How frighteningly powerful Xuanyuan Yi was!

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Feng Wu spat out a mouthful of blood!

“Feng Wu spat out blood!”

“Oh, god . We were only just saying that Feng Wu can withstand his attacks, but she’s already vomiting blood . ”

“So, Feng Wu is going to lose . ”

All the members of the Xuanyuan and Feng families were in the VIP seats, with one family occupying one row on the left and the other on the right .

The Feng family was led by Feng Yanfeng .

Xuanyuan Ze was absent for personal reasons, and Xuanyuan Yu was there to represent them .

The empress dowager sat in the middle .

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Seeing that Feng Wu was already vomiting blood, the Xuanyuan family clapped their hands in excitement, and their voices went through the roof .

The Feng family, on the other hand —

Feng Yanfeng hadn’t had much hope to begin with, but didn’t expect Feng Wu to lose so quickly . He frowned .

Lady Wang sighed in an affected manner . “It seems that Feng Wu isn’t going to get out of this alive . Well, she brought it on herself . Master, don’t upset yourself over it . ”

The empress dowager glanced at Feng Xun . “Look —”

Feng Xun remained unperturbed . “Your Majesty, it’s just getting started . I’m sure Feng Wu will be able to turn things around . ”

The empress dowager didn’t buy it .

Just then, someone cried out .

“Look at the billboard!”

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The Year 1 billboard stood on one side of the arena, and the big letters on the big screen were bright red and very eye-catching .

Everyone looked up at it, and the first thing they searched for was Xuanyuan Yi’s name!

Xuanyuan Yi used to be 298th on the list, but after that strike, he had become 199th!

“That’s amazing! It’s only been minutes, and he’s already 199th! Xuanyuan Yi is as capable as they say! How long has it been since he joined us? His future is so promising…”

“Check out Feng Wu’s ranking!” someone cried out .

Feng Wu?

Everyone was curious .

Feng Wu hadn’t even been on the list when she got into Imperial College . What about now?

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