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Chapter 1176: 1176
Chapter 1176 Second Stance of Fallen Star Swordplay — Dancing Dragon in the Moonligh In the 900s? Her name wasn’t there . In the 800s? Her name wasn’t there .

In the 700s? Her name wasn’t there .

They kept moving up the list, and soon, someone with sharp eyes spotted her name .

“Look! 258th! Feng Wu is 258th!”

“Oh my, I never thought that Feng Wu could be so high up on the list!”

The billboard contained the names of students who had entered the college in the last ten years .

The newbies this year were mostly ranked between 900 and 1000 . Feng Wu, on the other hand, had risen to 258 in one go .

That was incredible!

“Xuanyuan Yi notwithstanding, Feng Wu’s progress is pretty impressive!”

“But she just happens to be up against Xuanyuan Yi; what good will her quick progress do her? She’s never going to win . ”

“She’s so going to die… Xuanyuan Yi will never let her live . ”

“What a pity…”

As the audience discussed it among themselves, those in the VIP seats were lost in their own thoughts…

In the arena —

Feng Wu’s head was much clearer after she spat out the blood .

Before she could react, Xuanyuan Yi’s merciless blade was almost upon her .

Wiping away the blood at the corner of her mouth, Feng Wu looked up with cold killing intent in her eyes .

She had only been probing so far, and now, she was going to reveal her true ability!

When her beautiful master came back last time, he taught Feng Wu the first three stances of Fallen Star Swordplay .

Feng Wu had continued practicing the stances after her beautiful master left . She might not have reached perfection in them, but she had mastered the stances enough to handle Xuanyuan Yi .

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Holding Flaming Sword, Feng Wu swept it through the air, creating a resplendent arc!

“First stance of Fallen Star Swordplay — Sword of the Other World!”

Suddenly, Flaming Sword seemed to be infused with an ancient, savage power!

Instantly, fierce sword energy shot up, then turned into a shower of swords which rained down on Xuanyuan Yi like ten thousand arrows!


The audience cried out in surprise .

“Oh gosh! Look at that shower of swords!”

“Every blade contains such ferocious spiritual essence!”

“I can’t believe that Feng Wu had such a card up her sleeve!”

“How is Xuanyuan Yi going to dodge that? He can’t hide from all those blades!”

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The onlookers clenched their fists and looked nervously at the arena .

In the VIP seats —

The members of the Xuanyuan family stiffened with anxiety .

Those of the Feng clan opened their mouths in astonishment!

The empress dowager stared at Feng Wu, and her eyes flashed with surprise…

Xuanyuan Yi’s face went taut, and the look in his eyes was very cold .

“So that’s why you accepted the challenge!” Xuanyuan Yi’s sword moved faster than a streak of lightning, leaving behind a string of afterimages in the air!

His sword was simply too fast . As the afterimages took shape, they also worked as a shield to cover him!

It was as if he was holding an umbrella .

Thump! Thump! Thump!

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The shower of swords smashed down on Xuanyuan Yi’s sword umbrella like a raging storm!

But the shower would end eventually .

Soon, all the swords had disappeared, and Xuanyuan Yi reappeared from under the umbrella .

However, Feng Wu had never planned to kill Xuanyuan Yi with a single strike!

The battle had only just begun!

“Second stance of Fallen Star Swordplay — Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight!”

Flaming Sword flew out of Feng Wu’s hand and shot toward Xuanyuan Yi like a dragon!

It moved even faster than a shooting star!


Dancing Dragon in the Moonlight guided the sword, which circled Xuanyuan Yi like a giant dragon .

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