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Chapter 1174: 1174
Chapter 1174 Sure, What Would You Like to Bet On? They couldn’t understand the empress dowager . She had so many real grandsons to choose from, but her favorite was this Feng Xun, who wasn’t even related to the royal family!The empress dowager affectionately jabbed Feng Xun’s forehead with a finger . “Just like when you were little . Such a naughty boy . ”

Feng Xun bent down, poured the empress dowager a cup of tea, and handed it to her with a smile . “Your Majesty, have some faith in me . The duel later is going to be amazing!”

He then patted his chest . “I promise! On my honor!”

The empress dowager was already appeased, and she rolled her eyes at him . “Your honor? You lost all of that when you were still a boy!”

Qiao Yi had been standing next to them the whole time . She watched as Feng Xun cheered the empress dowager up, then looked at the teenager’s exquisite, handsome face… She was instantly infatuated .

He had the status, the looks, the capability… the whole shebang . Therefore, when Feng Xun glanced in her direction, Qiao Yi lowered her gaze shyly, and played with a lock of loose hair .

Meanwhile, in the arena —

Xuanyuan Yi and Feng Wu stood on either side of the arena as they faced each other with cold looks .

Xuanyuan Yi smirked . “For a moment there, I thought you weren’t coming . ”

Feng Wu smiled a little . “Right back at you . ”

Xuanyuan Yi sneered, drew out the long sword on his back, and pointed it at Feng Wu . “If you’re that eager to die, I’ll make it happen!”

After that, the teenager slashed the air with his sword, then charged at Feng Wu with tremendous speed!

Feng Wu smirked and opened her right palm, and Flaming Sword appeared .

The blade glowed with an orange light, and looked like a ball of flame!


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The sword in Feng Wu’s hand shone brilliantly!


The two blades clashed with a metallic sound .

There were sparks everywhere!

Xuanyuan Yi stumbled back five steps, while Feng Wu took seven!

That proved the difference in their capabilities .

The audience watched this with their hearts in their throats!

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“I never thought Feng Wu would be able to withstand Xuanyuan Yi’s attack . I thought she would fall in the first clash . ”

“But that first strike has already proven that Feng Wu isn’t Xuanyuan Yi’s match!”

“You don’t say! Feng Wu took seven steps back . And look at how violently her chest is heaving . That just shows that she’s already given it everything she has . ”

In the VIP seat —

Narrowing her eyes, the empress dowager gave the duel a long, displeased look . Shaking her head and rising to her feet, she wanted to leave .

“Boring . ” That was the only thing the old lady said .

Feng Xun smiled at the empress dowager . “I bet Your Majesty that Feng Wu will win . ”

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The empress dowager was going to leave, but looked confused when she heard that . “What did you say?”

Crouching down in front of the empress dowager, Feng Xun grinned . “I bet that Feng Wu is going to win this duel . ”

The empress dowager rolled her eyes at him . “Nonsense . ”

Feng Xun held the empress dowager’s hand . “Your Majesty, Feng Wu really is going to win . Would you like to make a bet?”

The empress dowager had the mentality of a kid . Hearing that, she said grumpily, “Sure . What are we betting with?”

Feng Xun smiled . “Your Majesty, if I win, can you maybe stop setting me up with girls from now on? I’ll choose my own wife . ”

Matchmaking just had to be the favorite pastime of the elderly .

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