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Chapter 1173: 1173
1173 Ah Xun Resting her right hand on the back of Empress Dugu’s hand, the empress dowager flipped her handkerchief, and was about to leave .

Lady Northern Feng frowned .

That couldn’t happen!

After all the false accusations Qiao Yi made against Feng Wu, if Feng Wu was going to lose without putting up a fight, the empress dowager would think very poorly of the girl from now on…

Lady Northern Feng was worried sick when —

She heard the swift clip-clops of a horse!

“Is Feng Wu coming?”

Everyone’s eyes widened in surprise when they heard the sound, and they looked expectantly in the direction of the entrance!

However, they only saw a teenage boy on a tall horse .

“Feng Xun?” The crowd cried out in surprise, but looked disappointed .

“I thought it was Feng Wu… Sigh, I guess Feng Wu really is going to lose by not showing up today… What a shame . ”

With a livid face, the empress dowager turned to leave .

However, when the horse ran through the arena, a teenage girl jumped down from behind Feng Xun . She dashed forward and landed steadily in the arena .

“Feng Wu?!”

Everyone cried out in surprise when they saw the girl, whose clothes flapped in the wind .

She had delicate features, thick eyelashes, and bright, clear eyes . Standing there, she reminded one of a tender early morning bud .

“Feng Wu! Feng Wu! Feng Wu!”

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“Oh god! It really is Feng Wu! It really is her!”

“She’s actually here! She was bold enough to come!”

Everyone pushed forward in surprise!

Meanwhile, in the VIP seat, the empress dowager didn’t look any happier . Throwing a dirty look at Feng Wu, she turned to leave .

She really didn’t like Feng Wu at all!

Feng Xun had sharp eyes, and he spotted the empress dowager immediately . He was shocked when he saw the displeased look on the old lady’s face and how she was leaving!

He gave Lady Northern Feng a bewildered look, and his mother pointed at Qiao Yi and Jun Wuxia, then shrugged .

Feng Xun tooked the hint immediately!

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“Your Majesty, how have you been?” Jumping off the horse, Feng Xun crouched down in front of the empress dowager as he made a silly face .

The empress dowager had looked rather angry before that . However, she burst out laughing as soon as she saw Feng Xun’s funny actions .

The old lady liked Feng Xun a lot .

Come to think of it, since Lady Northern Feng was the empress dowager’s goddaughter, Feng Xun could call the empress dowager his grandmother .

Feng Xun grew up with Jun Linyuan . While the latter had always been a poker-faced boy, Feng Xun was the cheerful and happy one, and the empress dowager adored him .

Seeing Feng Xun, the empress dowager didn’t feel as vexed anymore . Rolling her eyes at him, she said, “How old are you now? Get up already . ”

Feng Xun threw his arms around the empress dowager’s leg . “Grandma, I’m never getting up if you leave now . I won’t! I swear!”

The empress dowager patted him on the head, sounding a little grumpy . “Aren’t you too old for this?”

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“Ah Xun is always three years old when Your Majesty is around . Oh my, Your Majesty, please sit down . It’s going to be a very interesting duel . ”

Rising to his feet, Feng Xun practically pressed the empress dowager back down into the chair .

Had it been anyone else, the empress dowager would’ve been furious . However, the person just happened to be Feng Xun .

The teenager had two slightly protruding canine teeth, which gave him a cheerful look when he grinned . No one could stay mad at a face like that .

Next to them, Jun Wuxia and Empress Dugu were furious!

Jun Linyuan finally wasn’t around, but Feng Xun just had to decide to show up!

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